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Learn Teradata Online Training

What is Teradata Online Training

  • Training is provided in Teradata 15 versions.
  • Training covers using Teradata within both Windows and Unix environment.
  • In addition to live training, participants will get the recorded session.
  • Participants will get Teradata installation document, SQL Assistant user guide, Teradata SQL document covering syntax and examples, Teradata utilities document covering Fastload, Multiload, FastExport, BTEQ and TPT with comprehensive examples.

A brief overview of teradata online training

Get a brief overview of teradata online training from BigClasses. Watch teradata Training Tutorial and further analyse teradata and its value in the IT industries. Understand our training style, tools provided in the training, important subjects covered, and more. Click here to watch the tutorial!

Who can learn?

Whoever has the knowledge on SQL, can able to pick up Teradata easily. And also, anyone has background on database and data warehousing can able to learn it quickly.

Teradata Course Curriculum

Training Plan:

Duration: 30 Hours

  • Teradata Introduction
  • Teradata Advantages
  • Teradata Tools & Utilities
  • Teradata Installation
  • Teradata Tools & Utilities Installation
  • RDBMS Basic Concepts (Tables/Rows/Columns/Primary Key/Foreign Key)
  • What is data warehouse
  • OLTP Vs Data warehouse
  • Data warehouse Architecture
  • Teradata Components (Parsing Engine, BYNET, Access Module Processor)
  • How Teradata components interact with each other
  • Storage & Retrieval architecture
  • System architecture
  • What is a Node
  • Data types
  • DDL statements(CREATE,DROP,ALTER)
  • Logical & Conditional Operators
  • String Manipulation
  • Date & Time Manipulation
  • Joins
  • Built-in functions
  • Aggregates
  • Explain plan
  • Primary Index (UPI, NUPI)
  • Secondary Index (USI, NUSI)
  • Partition Primary Index
  • SET vs MULTISET tables
  • Derived Tables
  • Volatile Tables
  • Global Temporary Tables
  • Views
  • Macros
  • Stored Procedures
  • Single Table Join Index
  • Multi Table Join Index
  • Aggregate Join Index
  • Space concepts (Perm, Spool, Temp)
  • Triggers
  • Subqueries
  • Coalesce
  • OLAP Functions (Rank, Row_Number, Qualify, Partition by, Rows Unbounded preceding/following)
  • Compression
  • Collect Statistics
  • DBC tables
  • Teradata Transaction Modes
  • FastLoad
  • MultiLoad
  • BTEQ
  • FastExport
  • TPT
  • Fallback
  • Clusters
  • Clique
  • Permanent Journals
  • Hot Standby Nodes
  • RAID
  • Join Strategies
  • Confidence levels
  • Statistics collection process
  • Performance tuning techniques

Trainer Information

  • Teradata Architect with 13+ Years of experience in information technology with exposure to Data warehousing, Mainframes, Unix and Big Data.
  • 9 years of extensive experience in data warehousing with primary focus on Teradata.
  • Have worked with Accenture and Wipro for clients from USA, Singapore, UK and Australia.
  • Have worked in USA for 6 years and currently working for a major bank in Sydney, Australia.

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