Teradata –How to secure sensitive information

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One thing makes guarding sensitive data which is more difficult and more expensive also. It is a real fact that many companies have this kind of information spread throughout their entire network including internet and intranet on a wide range of systems. Since most encryption explanations will not work on every kind of system, this makes protecting the data more hard. So, companies need to find multiple options to keep their sensitive and expensive data secured. Then they have to keep information in Access, Oracle or DB2, Teradata systems and also use SQL.

Security Features of  Teradata Database

Security, as a feature of IT, control requirements, defines a trait of information systems and includes specific policy-based mechanisms and assurances for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of information, the availability of critical services and, indirectly, privacy. Data in a data warehouse must be protected at both ends of a transaction for both user and enterprise.

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Data warehouse security requires protection of the database, the server on which it resides, and appropriate network access controls. Teradata highly recommends that customers implement appropriate network perimeter security controls (e.g., firewalls, gateways etc.) to protect network access to a data warehouse. Additionally, for Dataware house systems deployed on Windows-based operating systems.

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