I have no idea which course to register in, what should I do?2018-03-20T14:04:22+05:30

Contact us to assist you in choosing a course that is best suited for your profile.

How can I join your team as a Trainer?2018-03-20T14:06:54+05:30

We are always on the lookout for qualified people to join our team. Please send your resume to www.bigclasses.com and we will get back to you soon

Can I register into multiple courses at a time?2018-03-20T14:07:40+05:30

Yes you can.

Can I take breaks in the middle of the class session?2018-03-20T14:08:08+05:30

No. Unless you have a very strong reason for doing so..

How do I clarify my doubts during the class?2018-03-20T14:08:39+05:30

Once registered, you will be assigned a trainer who will give you live guidance throughout the duration of program.

Will I be provided with any material?2018-03-20T14:09:02+05:30

Yes, all relevant material will be provided.

Can I take a free class before I join the course?2018-03-20T14:09:36+05:30

Yes. We provide a demo class and one class that will help you in deciding for the course.

What is the fee structure?2018-03-20T14:10:06+05:30

All courses have a different fee structure. To know more about the fee details for the course of your choice, contact us.

Can anyone register for the courses?2018-03-20T14:10:31+05:30

The minimum requirement for most of the courses is a Bachelors Degree.

What are the system requirements?2018-03-20T14:10:58+05:30

All you require is a desktop PC which has a web browser installed with a high speed internet connection and microphone to get started.

A broadband bandwidth of minimum 256Kbps works best for viewing our training. However, it will also work with lower bandwidth but it will take longer for the lessons to download/stream.

Can I attend online classes from anywhere?2018-03-20T14:27:41+05:30

Yes you can, provided you have access to the Internet.

What are the minimum requirements to learn Course?2018-03-20T14:28:10+05:30

You require a desktop PC which has a web browser with high speed internet facility and Microphone to get connected.

Do you offer job placement assistance?2018-03-20T14:28:58+05:30

Yes. This is one of the main differentiating factors from those of our competitors.Your resume will be sent to all the jobs sent to us. We have large network of companies, which are looking for candidates for job placement.


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