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Salesforce Admin Online Training

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Learn Salesforce Admin Online Training

What is Salesforce Online Training

The Salesforce is the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Salesforce can manage cloud-base applications for sales, service, marketing without any IT set up and management. This is a platform that allows companies to manage all their interaction with customer important to grow their business successfully.The Saleforce administration is a module of Salesforce platform that creates tools, dashboards, workflows, and application for various important projects. Salesforce administration online training will train students to master and develop the core administration of Salesforce.

Salesforce has become an important part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). And it will create 1 Million jobs and generate 272 Billion$ in GDP impact globally in 2018. According to a study, it has been estimated that the Salesforce Economy will create 3.3 Million jobs by 2020. Also, average salary of a Salesforce Administrator is India is ₹ 410,769.

Who Can Learn

The Salesforce Admin course is professionally designed and created for,those individuals looking forward to become an expert in cloud computing,cloud softwares, cloud automation,etc. Salesforce Admin Training is a component of Salesforce Training that will help the learners with administration options. This training is for those who want to get a Salesforce admin certification (SFDC Admin 201 certification) and get started with Salesforce as their career.This course can be taken by experienced professionals in the Cloud leading platform, and also by functional consultants switching to Salesforce.


Salesforce administration training doesn’t require any specific prerequisites,but anyone is most welcome to take the course,such as graduates,college students with basic knowledge in computers and programming languages, and also beginner level programmers.

Salesforce Admin Course Curriculum

Duration: 30 Hours

  • Introduction on Cloud Computing
  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PAAS(Platform as a Service)
  • SAAS(Software as a Service)
  • Introduction on CRM
  • Introduction on SalesForce.Com

  • Salesforce Sales Process
  • Salesforce Service Process
  • Lead management
  • Web to Lead
  • Lead auto response
  • Case management
  • Web to case
  • Email to case
  • Case escalation

  • Becoming Familiar with the Setup Area
  • Introducing Apps
  • Introducing Objects
  • Introducing Tabs
  • Introducing Fields
  • General Fields
  • Enhancing the Simple App with Advanced Fields
  • Field Dependency
  • Becoming Familiar with Object Detail Pages

  • Enhancing the Simple App with Data Validation
  • Introducing Validation Rules
  • Standard Validation Rule
  • Custom Validation Rule

  • Introducing Page Layouts
  • Adding page Layout elements
  • Tab Layouts
  • Record Type management

  • Introducing Relationships
  • Lookup Relationship
  • Master Detail Relationship
  • Roll-up Summary fields
  • Hierarchy Relationship
  • Self Relationship
  • Many to many Relationship

  • Introduction Users
  • User creation
  • Setting up features per user record

  • Organization-Wide Defaults
  • Profile
  • Permission Sets
  • Introduction on Roles, Profiles
  • Sharing Rules
  • Manual Sharing
  • Field Level Permissions
  • Creating Public Groups and Queues (also, difference between them)

  • Data Import with Data Loader
    • Insert
    • Upsert
    • Update
    • Delete
    • Export
    • Export All

  • Introducing Workflow
  • Workflow Actions
  • Update Record
  • Create Task
  • Automate Emails
  • OWD

  • Planning for Approval Processes
  • Creating an Approval Process
  • Creating Approval Steps

  • Introducing Reports
  • Tabular Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Matrix Reports
  • Joined Reports
  • Report Formats
  • Introducing Dashboards
  • Adding Dashboard Components
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Bucket fields
  • Custom Reports Types

  • Salesforce Deployment
  • Migration Strategies
  • Inbound Change Set
  • Outbound Change Set
  • Migration from one Salesforce environment to Other
  • Packaged deployment
    • Salesforce Lightning Essentials
    • Salesforce Mobile Essentials
    • Salesforce Integration Essentials
    • Salesforce Wave analytics Essentials

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