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Our goal is a state-of-art virtual training experience and career guidance for every candidate with specialized care and support. In-spite of bringing on-board a diverse range of skills, expertise and experience, the driving force of our entire team is that one common thing – a shared passion and commitment for the goal.

Here are the four major team that work behind the scenes and ensure fuelling of the entire work at Big Classes:

  1. The sales / marketing team: Covering every nook and corner of the world both offline and online, the sales team makes sure Big Classes gets the presence it deserves.
  2. The customer support team: From attending web enquiries to helping candidates choose the best course, the support team supports the candidates in every way possible.
  3. The IT team: The backbone of Big Classes whose endless spirit and energy has helped us accomplish the dreams thousands of clients during the past 15 years.
  4. The administration team: Ensuring smooth operation from all departments to drafting a perfect growth strategy, the administration team is the power switch of Big Classes.

The list doesn’t end here. The HR team, the trainers and consultants and various others together make Big Classes the revolution that they are !


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