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Learn Oracle DBA Online training

What is Oracle DBA Online Training

Oracle is an object-relational database management system created and marketed by Oracle Corporation.

Oracle course deals with the best database out there within the market and has the foremost advanced feature set. Oracle 11g course is the latest and most refined Oracle database. It permits high-speed transactions, sophisticated applications and higher business selections. These capabilities offer users the practicality to make high-quality and economical info applications.In most relative databases, information is accessed through SQL, or Structured query language, and Oracle is not any exception. PL/SQL is that the procedural language extension to SQL. PL/SQL could be a programming language like C, Java or Pascal. Within the Oracle world, there are no higher thanks to access your information from within a program. SQL are often natively embedded in PL/SQL programs.

Oracle Courses (for DBA training) or oracle online training is aimed towards people WHO wish to make their career in IT infrastructure field. Anyone can be a part of these oracle courses, be it the scholars, individuals operating in another IT/ non IT areas who need to move into IT infrastructure or individuals operating in IT Infrastructure (or even with Oracle Database) WHO need to boost their skills.

Who Can Learn

  • Software developers and IT professionals
  • Database analysts and administrators
  • SQL programmers and architects
  • Project Managers
  • Those aspiring for a career in Oracle DBA


  • Anybody can take this Training Course. A basic knowledge of database can be helpful.

Oracle DBA Course Curriculum

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Prerequisites
  • Unix/Linux, SQL (FREE)

  • Oracle database Overview, Introduction to DBA, DBA Responsibilities.

Understanding Oracle Architectural components, Instance, Database, Logical Structures and User & Server Processes.

  • Managing an Oracle Instance
    • Database Admin Tools, Database Administration users.
    • Authentication Methods for DBAs.
    • Understanding Data Dictionary Contents, Initialization Parameter files, Understanding Options of Startup & Shutdown Monitoring Alert Log files, Background trace files and User Trace files.

  • Installation of 10g, 11g on Linux
  • De-installing Oracle
  • Oracle Database Creation using DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant)
  • Creating the Database Manually
  • Enterprise Manager Configurations
  • Deleting Database
  • Changing DBID, changing Database Name
  • Installing client software

  • Managing Tablespaces & Datafiles
    • Managing Tablespaces, Datafiles, Understanding Dictionary & Locally Managed Tablespaces,Temporary Tablespaces, Big File Tablespaces.
    • Configuring OMF for tablespace creation.
    • Altering Tablespace status.

  • Using appropriate Storage settings, Types of segments.
  • Automatic segment space management, Extents and Blocks
  • Creating & Maintaining Indexes, Rebuilding Indexes.
  • Managing Undo Data
  • Understanding undo segments, Automatic undo management, Retention policy, Switching Undo tablespaces and Flashback queries.
  • Managing Controlfiles & Redo Log Files
  • Managing Controlfiles, Multiplexing & Recreating Control Files. Understanding Redo Log files, Adding and Dropping Redo Log groups and members.

  • Managing Users
  • Tablespace quota
  • Managing Resources with profiles
  • Managing Privileges & Roles

Understanding client/server, Oracle net Architecture & key components, Oracle net services server side configuration, Configuring the Listener, Understanding Static & Dynamic service registrations, Listener control utility, Oracle client software installations Oracle net services client side configurations, Dedicated & Shared servers, Configuring Shared servers & Dispatchers Creating DB Links, Materialized views.

  • Export & Import tables, schemas and full databases

  • Expdp & Impdp of tables, schemas and full database and also using network link
  • Transportable tablespaces

  • Backup & Recovery issues, categories of failures, Backup & Recovery strategies
  • Instance & Media Recovery Structures
  • Understanding Background processes, Memory structures and Files related to recovery, Phases for instance recovery.
  • Database Utilities (Data Migration or Logical Backups) Using Export & Import, Using Data Pump, Using SQL Loader
  • Configuring Archive Log mode
  • Configuring the Database Archive Log mode, changing the Archive mode, Enabling Automatic Archiving, Manually Archiving Redo Log files.
  • Configuring Flashback Database
  • Understanding Flashback Database, Configuring Flashback Database and Recovery using Flashback Database.

  • Understanding RMAN, Features & Components, Repository, Configuring the environment, Maintenance commands.
  • Backup & Recovery Using RMAN
  • Backups using RMAN, Differential Incremental & Cumulative Incremental backups, compressed backups. Complete & Incomplete Recovery using RMAN. Recovery Scenarios
  • Recovery Catalog Creation & Maintenance
  • Advantages of using Recovery Catalog, Creating & Managing the Recovery Catalog.

  • User managed Closed & Open Database (Cold & Hot) backups, Complete & Incomplete Recovery. Recovery Scenarios
  • Database Cloning
  • Cloning Using Cold Backup Cloning Using Hot Backup Advanced Cloning Techniques
  • Recover datafile, tablespace and block corruption using RMAN.
  • Differences between 10G & 11G RMAN features.

  • Transporting Tablespaces Transporting Tablespace across platforms (Migration between cross platforms)

  • Configuring ASM (ASM libs and raw devices)
  • Creating ASM Instance using DBCA
  • Creating ASM Instance Manually
  • Creating Database on ASM diskgroup
  • Managing ASM Disk Groups
  • Migrating Database to ASM using RMAN

Understanding Physical and Logical standby Implementing physical and logical standby switch over, fail over Patching and upgrading Data Guard

Upgrading from oracle 10g to 11g Upgrade using Patch set Using Opatch and applying patches

Gather Optimizer statistics View performance metrics Manage the automatic workload repository (AWR) Using ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor) Set warning and critical alert thresholds. Using TKPROF, SQL trace, Explain Plan SQL tuning adviser, ASMM, Memory adviser Row Migration and row chaining Global temporary tables, External tables OS Tuning.

Trainer Information

  • 16+ Years of experience in IT Industry as Oracle DBA Trainer.
  • Expert in Oracle Architecture, Backup & Recoveries, RMAN Performance tuning and UNIX operating system & utilities.
  • Hands on experience in Oracle DBA and SQL right from installation, granting access, troubleshooting, etc.
  • 10+ years experience as Corporate trainer, Class room and Online .
  • Taught Overall 150+ Batches .

Frequently asked questions

BigClasses training will make you proficient in the end-to-end working of the Oracle Database Administration domain. You will master the Oracle DBA Architecture, the database structure, understanding the principles of database security, working with schema objects, and deploying data backup and recovery.We are having ample of experience in Oracle DBA training. After every session recordings will be provided and soft copy of Oracle DBA Training material will be provided.

Bigclasses offers 365 days access to videos, course materials, 24/7 Support, and course material upgrading to latest version. Bigclasses involves working with real time projects,test cases and assignments.The entire course content is in line with clearing Oracle DBA Certification exam.

We offer four types of Modes:

  • Instructor-led Online Training
  • Recorded Video Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Project Support

Apart from technical training & hands-on project work bigclasses will guide the students to get placed in there dream roles and we would be happy to assist students with the process of preparing yourself for the interview and the job.
We provides you email support to your queries. If the query is not resolved by email we can arrange for a one-on-one session with our trainers. The best part is that you can contact BigClasses even after completion of training to get support and assistance.

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