Digital Marketing Trends to be Followed in 2018

//Digital Marketing Trends to be Followed in 2018

Digital Marketing Trends to be Followed in 2018

Digital Marketing is still developing and advancing. And we have some new trends in this 2018. These trends are the new methods to make Digital Marketing fitter and superior. The new advancement in the Digital Marketing platform will give you an in-depth insight into the business. It will also, affect your business perspective.

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If you compare Facebook before and after you can see there has been a lot of improvement and advancement. The Facebook today has its own messenger app with thousands of interactive emoticons. We now have a timeline where we can update our display and cover image. You can now go live on Facebook. And there are more such new improvements seen on the Facebook. Given below is the image of how Facebook evolved from 2005 to 2009.

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It has not only attracted people but has made a powerful impression on the users. Facebook is currently working on Chatbots projects, AI, AR, and more. These are the new trends of 2018. Let’s further look into it, shall we?

Behavioral Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Customers all around the world feel that they are connected to the right business when the business targets these customers. These customers will love and trust the brand only if there is a bond between them. How to create such a bond?

You need to collect data on every customer you have. You can collect customer data from their web history, time spent on sites, their patterns of browsing, content most read, and etc. And this is how the marketers are conducting research on their customer data.  This is called customer behavioral marketing. The customer behavioral marketing will work with Artificial Intelligence to take the marketing at the top levels.

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The Artificial Intelligence will work with customer behavioral marketing and study the customer data in depth, and hence the AI will create marketing decisions. In 2018, the marketers are focusing more on the chat box which will engage with the customers. It will also help to understand the different users and their interest and target them based on their search.

Influential Marketing

Influential marketing is the type of marketing which will use any influential people to increase the company’s brand awareness. This type of marketing is on the rise and will be definitely implemented by many companies in 2018.

Cosmetic and fashion industries have taken a great advantage of this type of marketing. It has successfully increased its brand identity at an exponential level. Customers are more interested in the products used by the celebrities. Amazon even created a self-service tool for their social media. This will help the influencers create their own page on the Amazon, and hence publicizing the same to the followers. This, therefore, will recommend a wide range of products.

Live Videos

Live Videos are the type of videos that have been taken live; at the current moment. This has increased its efficiency since its launch in August 2015. The reason it is still a trend in 2018, is due to its wide range of uses.

Companies have taken its advantage to a whole new level. Whether they are launching a new Lexus, iPhone series, Live Videos have been bombarded with viewers. Live videos have more viewers than the pre-recorded videos. Why? It is all due to the fact that the live video is like live news. It attracts thousands of targeted viewers on the video, and hence it creates a robust impression.

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There are many benefits of video marketing that a company can profit. The first is that the viewers can inquire about the product and get feedback instantly. The in a moment that the live video provides creates an unforgettable memory. Companies such as the Buzzfeed, Dunken Donuts, Tastemade, and many such others gave a powerful impact on their viewers.

Customers always look for something new, and live videos can fulfill their wishes, and hence increase your brand identity and awareness.

The 2018 trends are one the highly required trends, where the companies are implementing them to advance their Digital Marketing strategies. It is important to keep the customers engaged in an attention-grabbing strategy such as the chatbots, influential marketing, and live videos. Social Media companies are also, working on voice search that can help the users in every way possible. If you are one of the companies, try some these trends to increase your brand awareness strongly.

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