Top Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

//Top Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Top Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a platform where everyone gets quite excited about its methods. It is all due to its efficiency in attracting the customers and clients. It’s one of the parts of Digital Marketing where this has a powerful influence on people.

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The social media marketing executives are responsible for maintaining their social media in every way possible. And yes, while maintaining, a person can definitely make mistakes. These mistakes can be created even though the marketing through social media is simple and easy. There are a number of platforms such as the Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, We Heart It, Tumbler, and etc. Well maintaining your company’s social media accounts across all these platforms can be challenging, but it is easy if you follow some important rules. Let’s see the top mistakes a marketer can avoid in SMM.

Not Having a Clear Goal

If you are a marketer, even before you enter this field, you need to know your goals. You need to understand the company, and its business in detail, and hence, make a goal out of it. What and how can you make your company outshine in the market? Where can you target people? Which is the best way to create engaging posts? There are many questions you need to answer about before you even start. And when you have all the answers, you need to go for it!

If you don’t have a clear idea, your plans to help the company will have no future to succeed. Do you want to create some engaging posts or videos of your products and services? Do you want to create some campaigns? You need to figure out ways to make your goals.

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Let’s say you have started maintaining your social media, and you have posted videos and images with the best taglines. You even got some likes and reviews. How can you measure them? How can you know which post has gotten more likes? How many people have visited your website due to your post? In order to have a clear analytics on this, you need to use Facebook Pixel tracking code and set your site analytics. You definitely need to look at the analytics and make decisions based on it. And being on Facebook itself, you need to use the Facebook Analytics, and understand the marketing strategy.

Not Configuring Conversion Tracking

You need to set conversion tracking. Many of the marketers forget to add and check their conversion rates. You need to configure it which will help you understand the ad budget. You need to track the performance of the ads. How can you analyze them? You can analyze them based on the impressions, views, click through rates, and conversion rates. These are important or else, you’ll be confused about what is happening with your ad?

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For your Facebook ad, you can go for Facebook Pixel. You need to add the code to the site. This code will map specific actions that will is taken on the ad. For example, if a person clicks on your ad, visits the URL provided, purchases your product, and etc. All these will be tracked.

How can you use this information to your benefit? Let’s say, you have 50 products, you can know which product is being highly demanded by the audience. You can use this information to focus on those products and create engaging content on it. For example, if you created an ad on Himalaya Orange Peel off Mask, and it has got thousands or millions of views, likes and etc. You can work on blog contents on the product which can attract the customers and make them understand about the product in detail. And hence, you can share them with the social media.

Not Opting for A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the important components of the marketing schemes. Why is important? It is important to know which of your strategy is going well and attracted more customers. For example, if you are working for Lenovo. And you have a new product, say Lenovo 320 S. So, let’s say in test A, you have created a post where a customer can buy this laptop with a free laptop bag worth 5,000 INR, plus with 2 years of warranty in just 50, 000 INR. And in test B, a customer can buy this laptop with a free Hi-design bag, JBL Headset worth 14, 000 INR, plus 1 year of warranty only in just 49, 000 INR. You can post the test A today, and test B after a few months. Now, all you need to observe and analyze which test get more customers. How many customers buy the laptop in test A or B?

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The A/B testing is important to know the importance of the product you are selling, and how you can attract customers by selling it in different ways.

Not Opting for Creativity

The social media marketing is known for its creativity. You need to add some create graphics in the posts or else you can add some great quality videos, and hence make your brand powerful. Your company profile as a profession depends on the hands of creativity. You need to add some great taglines. And you definitely need to add an excellent image with great pixels. If you have a graphic designer, ask him or her to create something eye-catching!

If you want to go for videos, be sure to add something simple to small length videos. A small length video will not only catch the attention of viewers, but also create an impression on them. A long video will automatically bore the viewers, and they may leave or scroll down their timeline. So make sure you create a video of 1 to 5-minute video.

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These are some of the things some of the markers lack and hence, their marketing objectives go to waste. Your main goal as a marketer is to create an impression, influence on the people by various methods.  Create creative posts, add great taglines or one-liners perform an A/B testing, ad a tracking code to the ads, and lastly, use analytics to make better decisions.

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