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Ram Charan
Developer; Course: Adv.Digital Marketing

It was a great experience. Suresh Sir covered all the aspects of marketing in an excellent manner. It was easy to learn and implement. This course has many aspects in the digital marketing field, it gave me a lot of insights. I was very happy and it was interesting for me to learn Digital Marketing.

Student; Course: Adv.Digital Marketing

I have learnt Digital Marketing, and I have prepared many live projects that helped me get confidence in the PPC and SEO. I have successfully understood the way keywords are used, and how they are analyzed. My training was great, and I am now working as an intern in one of the top companies in Banglore.

Employee; Course: Adv.Digital Marketing

I have learned in this course and I am very satisfied by the trainer’s way of teaching. He taught all the subjects in detail and didn’t miss nay part. He gave live examples, and also, gave us many assignments, that helped us understand the core of digital marketing.

Student; Course: Adv.Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing online training taught by Digital BigClasses was the right course for me. It was relevant, fresh, and timely. I have learned Digital Marketing in depth. I have learned every corner of it, and I must say, I am very confident now!

Developer; Course: Adv.SEO

The training was simple and easy. It gave me details on SEO and how is important in the view of ranking the website. I applied the same rules to my website and I am getting more customers online.

Student; Course: Adv.SEO

This online training is great. I feel as if I got everything I was looking for in this training. Everything was taught in detail and step by step. The training explained everything with live examples.