What is Google Panda?

//What is Google Panda?

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a Google update that has changed the face of the search results. It was released in 2011. The reason behind this is to analyze the websites deeply and catch the low-quality sites. Google Panda will take the high-quality website, and rank them on its first page. And it will keep the low-quality website on the second, third and further pages.

When Google Panda was implemented by the Google, websites with too many advertisements dropped in their rankings. It affected 12% of the search results. The main goal of the Google Panda is to create a long-term trust of the users and at the same time, create a safe ecosystem for the publishers.

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Google Panda and Website Ranking

The Google Panda will create a ratio with the website’s ratio links, and search queries. This ratio is then used to create a site-wide modification factor which creates a modification factor for the page based the queries. And if the page fails to meet this, the modification factor will be applied, and hence the website will be ranked a low level.  It affects the entire site rather than a single page or content.

The Google Panda scans larger data set and searches for particular solutions to problems. It eliminates the unnecessary comparisons and computations, and this is how it will reduce the overall calculations to find the best match to the required solution.

It always separates the websites based on the good or bad quality, and this is done with the help of quality rater survey. It finds the best grouping of signals on your website and weigh the values for the signals, and find a close match with quality raters.

How to Keep your Website safe from Google Panda?

 Improve your Bad Content

You need to improve the quality of the content in all the pages. They should be relevant and should have all the keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing. And make the content match with the genre of your web page.

Remove your Duplicate Content

Use 301 redirects to direct your outdated URLs. You should only have one version of your homepage. And use a Canonical attribute to pages with the same contents. And analyze your website, and remove all the duplicate contents.

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Clean your Website

Your website needs to be simple, and it shouldn’t be composed of too many ads. You shouldn’t use more than 100 links per page. Use CSS and HTML validator, and validate your website. And lastly, fix the broken links.

Improve the Website’s Speed

You should not have a slow speed website. A website with slow speed can increase your bounce rate. People may not even return back. Therefore, make a responsive web design, and use cache plugins. You need to compress the images and videos. Remove unnecessary WordPress plug-ins and yes, avoid using Flash.

Build Powerful Content

You need to update your website with a new and fresh content. It needs to be authentic, and well edited. And most important, you need to create content for the readers and not the Google.

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