What is Google Humming bird?

//What is Google Humming bird?

What is Google Humming bird?

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Google Hummingbird is the Google algorithm announced on September 26, 2013. The name hummingbird was given due to the bird’s speed and accuracy. The Google Hummingbird is designed to look at the website content deeply, i.e., on each web page. It helps in allowing users to get the required content from the web page and not from the home page only. That means, it will be directed to the particular webpage, and it will not be directed to the website’s homepage.

The Google Hummingbird advanced the Google search and gave it a more human touch. It is based on how humans will search on the search engines. It can even read a sentence and give you the exact thing you want to read. And this is also, the main reasons web developers and content writers were asked to make their website and content in a natural manner so that it can navigate effectively.

Google Hummingbird-Bigclasses

According to the previous Google chief Amit Singhal, the Hummingbird was one of the most dramatic changes of the algorithm since 2001. The reason he said this due to the fact that the previous algorithm gave the results according to each word in the search query, but the Hummingbird considers the not one but a combination of words. The Hummingbird shows the results based on the meaning of words and is not focused on the words itself. Also, it doesn’t take much time to give the results as soon as it is typed or searched. And due this character of speed and accuracy, the name hummingbird was given to the algorithm.

The Hummingbird is designed based on its ability to act as a human and understand the human language. It will help the users to get the results as they require. It understands the meaning of the keywords when typed in the search engine. It analyzes the page authority and website contents. It uses this in information to help the users get to the specific part of the page on the website, rather than showing its way to the website’s homepage.

Google Hummingbird and Search Engine Optimization

The Hummingbird has encouraged its writers to use a simple content that is easily readable and indexed. Therefore, they are asked to use natural language rather than focusing more on the keywords, and keyword stuffing. The web designers are encouraged to create their website with best effective technical website features as the page linking, On-Page SEO, URL, and HTML tags, high-quality content, and unique content (free from plagiarism).

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Hummingbird also gives much importance to the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords give a deeper meaning about the search. For example, if you search restaurants, it may show you the definition. But if you search restaurants in New York, it has a deeper meaning and will give you exactly what you want. And Hummingbird also gives importance to the synonyms. This has also been updated in its algorithms. Even if you search with different words, it will give you the same search, but with different websites ranked on different levels.

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