Tips to Improve your SEO Skills

//Tips to Improve your SEO Skills

Tips to Improve your SEO Skills

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an important part of Digital Marketing. It is a vital for Digital Marketing as it uses keywords that define the company. Keywords are the words that describe the business genre. In just a few words, it says everything about your company and its business.

For example, if your company is about car rentals, you can add keywords such as the best Car rental from 500 INR/day, cheap Car rental, best price guaranteed, and etc. These keywords are therefore important to highlight your business while they are searched on the search engines. The keywords when searched on the search engines, your website link may appear if those keywords match your keywords on the website. It is like the dictionary, you search a word, and it appears with its meaning. You can find synonyms of these words.

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Even if you have learned SEO both Off-page and On-page, you need to be aware of the latest trends in the market. You need to read multiple blogs to be updated on SEO. This blog talks about some of the tips you may need to polish your skills. Given below are some the tips, you must read.

  • Check Your Page Speed

Page speed is an important factor in the Digital Marketing. If the speed is fine, the website will load easily, and there will less bounce rate. If the website loads late, there will be an increase in bounce rate. Bounce rate would always be less and not more. You don’t want to have customers spend less time on the website. This is negative for the SEO.

According to a source, if the page delays to load even by one second, you can lose up to 7% of the conversions and 16% of the customer satisfaction. A website that loads slowly is a sign of unprofessional. And if a website that more than 3 seconds to load, the visitors lose their interest and 80% of them won’t even return. Therefore, you need to make your web pages load faster. This not only increases your customer satisfaction but also, improves your status in the market.

You can evaluate the speed of your web pages by using some free tools such as the page speed, Yslow, WebPagetest, etc. You can relevant information on this, and hence, work on the flaws that may be slowing down your web pages. These flaws can be some unwanted plugin users if your website is built on WordPress. You can see your CSS coding, and analyze the extra long coding that can sum up to a smaller version. You can get rid of some widgets.

  • Relevant Content

Content is also an important factor in engaging the customers on your website. If you are a cosmetic company, and you talk about the cosmetics, its uses, combined with dresses, and etc, this will attract many readers to your site.  Therefore, you need relevant contents on your website.

If you have unrelated contents on your page, there will be unsatisfied readers. For example, if the reader wants to read about how to change the oil, and you show him contents based on types of oils.

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Chances are he or she may leave the website. You need to give relevant headings and contents. They should match, and make sense. Then only your readers will trust you, and visit your site for more information. Always have matching content and title of the web page.

  • Customer Focus Contents

If you want to increase your website traffic, you can add as many keywords you want, but in a sensible manner. Rather than focusing on the keywords only, try focusing making great contents out of these, and writing contents on it. For example, instead of focusing on a cheap flight for the military, military cheap flights, and etc. Try making a content related to it. Explain where military folks can find their flight tickets no low price, or why should they opt for this method and etc. Try making a content that has relevant information that a reader may want to read.

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If you have some 50 keywords that will increase your website traffic, you can put them on your website, but also focus on making some blog and forum contents based on them. Explain who, why, what, where, and how on the keywords. For example, if your business is related to logo designing, add all the keywords to your website. And explain why to choose a logo from your company, explain on the new modern logo, differentiate between the previous logos and the new logos, talk about your client and your work on their logo, and etc. This way, people will read, and automatically trust your business.

  • Readable URLs

URLs can be tricky to remember. These URLs must be created in such a way, that they can be easily remembered and typed in the search engines. For example, if your web page is about python online training, the URL can have the company’s name + /+ python – online- training. This is easy to remember.

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Creating easy to remember URLs isn’t only for the users or visitors, but for the SEO too. The search engines can easily highlight the keywords searched and will submit your URL with the keywords. If the keywords in the URL have some numbers and strange characters, the URL will not be SEO-friendly.

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