Basics of Digital Marketing that Everyone Must Know

//Basics of Digital Marketing that Everyone Must Know

Basics of Digital Marketing that Everyone Must Know

Digital Marketing is a modern and advanced form of marketing. Its reputation has mushroomed since a decade. Almost everyone now wants to jump into this category. Everyone wants to be an expert in this field, and help their business develop and grow to a profound extent.  But there are some people out there, who may not know its basics. Knowing the basics of any platform is important to succeed in it. If you know the basics of driving, you’ll definitely succeed in driving. Same way, you must know the basics of Digital Marketing.

Business Page on Social Media

As a Digital Marketer, you ought to know the basics of the top used social media platforms in your country. Every country has their  own social media platforms that may dominate the other. In China, the citizens don’t use Facebook at all, and instead, they use Ren-Ren as their social media app. Basically, you need to understand which social media platform is being used by a country, and target according to it. Therefore, you need to create a business profile and start building a community. How build a community? You can build a community by adding people and asking them to follow you.

You need to understand that you need to fill in the details on your business page. You need to upload professional images as the display image and cover image if needed. You also, need to fill in the details related to your business, such as the address, call to action, website link, other social media links, and etc.

After getting a good amount of followers, even if it’s 25 to 50, start posting. You need to post something related to your business. It needs to be engaging and interactive. For example, if your business is related to furniture. Each day you can post something about a furniture, and add a unique one-liner to it. You need to post every day something worth attention-grabbing. And yes, you can also, put an offer, offer discounts, answer and win offer, and etc on your posts on the occasion of any festival. This way, you can increase your customers, and also, visitors.

Websites and Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the backbone of the entire Digital Marketing. It is an asset that draws the customers to the right path. For example, if a person types, “Hyderabad bakery”. The following results may come (this may differ from search engines, location, and country).

Websites and Keyword Optimization-Bigclasses

These keywords will help you rank in the search engines when you use keywords with high search volumes on your website and web pages. These keywords will be analyzed or crawled by the Google and will be updated on its search result. The Google will uses advanced machine learning to select the websites with the best content that has been optimized for the keywords. And this is how the ranking differs from website to website.

Companies using Email Marketing

Most of the companies may have dropped the idea of Email Marketing, but trust me, it is also an important part of the Digital Marketing. Almost 4 billion people worldwide are still using email to conduct their business.

So, 4 billion isn’t a small number, isn’t it? Email marketing is cost effective and an excellent strategy to conduct your business without the SEO, SMM, SME, and SMO. All you need to is register with Email Marketing Software such as the Mail Chimp.  You can create a business account in it, and start adding your customers, clients, partners email id to it. You can then create engaging emails to it, that will give them an idea of your product and services, offers if any, and etc. You can even send them about the products and services benefits, uses, and etc.

Companies using Email Marketing-Bigclasses

Email Marketing will create a positive effect on the customers. All you need is to add a perfect attention-grabbing one-liner for the subject of the email!

Start Implementing Mobile Marketing

Why mobile marketing you may ask? You see mobiles are currently the most devices on the planet. It has more no. of users than the desktop or the laptop. It is easy to carry and it is easy to use. That is why now we have millions of mobile apps. We even check out emails on it. So, when the world is using mobiles more than the other device, then why don’t we take an advantage of it?

Look at Swiggy. It is an online food distribution company that can be accessed through their website and mobile app. If you are away from your system, you can use your phone, and start ordering food. Mobile apps will always be a better option for almost all the people. Due to this, food companies such as MCD, KFC, Burger King, and more have opted for mobile marketing.

Implementing Mobile Marketing-Bigclasses

Mobile marketing doesn’t mean that you only need to create a mobile app, but you need to start creating marketing strategies for it. For example, you can keep coupon system. You can keep 10% off on the first order. Therefore, you need to create in-app ad campaigns. You can target mobile users on the Google AdWords, and Social Media. And yes, do use QR codes too.

So, there you have it. These are some of the basics you need to know if you are opting for Digital Marketing. You need to be familiar with basic so that you can easily succeed in this field.

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