Why is Email Marketing important for Digital Marketing?

//Why is Email Marketing important for Digital Marketing?

Why is Email Marketing important for Digital Marketing?

Emails were the first form of communication when the internet advanced. The internet and computer advanced with a monitor, CPU, keyboard, and a mouse. The internet was connected to these computers, and hence, after few years email platforms were created. They were known as the electronic mails (E-mail) sent by the computer with the help of the active internet connection. As the time passed, the era of social media started. We have various social media networks such as the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. Though they are the top platforms to send any text messages, emails still rules!

Companies are still using email to send important messages to their co-workers, customers, users, and etc. According to a research, around 34% people are using emails for their official works. Basically, this 34 % is the 2.5 Billion people. And as the year’s increases, the number of email users will also increase.

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Email marketing is a powerful way of connecting people when it comes to connecting with large customers. Emails are the first thing everyone creates, and then create their social media accounts based on it. So, an email will definitely survive in the next coming years. They are great for maintaining customer – business relationship. Let’s further look into this, and understand it more depth.

Email Marketing is Effective

Social Media is an important platform with better features than the email. But email has a powerful way of converting people into members, customers, and etc. For example, if a person visits the website and subscribes to the newsletters, he or she needs to register for this in an email. They’ll get emails after they have subscribed to the newsletters. These guys can get info on the new products and services, discount emails, festival offers, and etc.

Email Marketing important for Digital Marketing-Bigclasses

Email Marketing Saves Money

Email marketing is easy to deal with, and it is very cost-efficient. It is great for business owners who want to reach a large number of customers per message. Even the small business owners can take advantage of this. According to research in the USA, more than 85% of the retailers consider email marketing for their business.

If you compare it with the traditional marketing, it is better in many ways. There is no need for printing, creating posters, and billboards, and etc. You can add a variety of email themes and send emails. And the best part, it will increase your ROI.

Email Marketing is Measurable

When you go for email marketing, it can be easily tracked. You can track the emails, you can understand which links were clicked, and also, how many users unsubscribed. Basically, you can know how your email marketing is performing.

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We have many email marketing software that allows A/B testing. It is an essential component if you want to study your business and its tactics. It can thereby, reveal the wealth of data about your subscribers. You can know whether the words “Free”, “50% off”, “Mega Offer” is making an impression on the users.

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