Importance of Social Media Marketing

//Importance of Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a growing platform where friends and family love being connected with each other. In the beginning, it was difficult staying connected with friends and family, especially who lived far away. Staying in touch was difficult back then. But since, the social media, it has revolutionized the way we stay connected with each other.

Social Media platforms have taken advantage of one thing; the internet. Since the internet connection is available in almost all the parts of the world, social media has successfully expanded in the world. For example, Facebook was launched in the year 2004. And since then, it has almost 2.13 Billion users currently. And since Facebook is in every part of the world, it has connected billions of users worldwide, except for China. And due to this facility, social media expanded its platform by adding business to it.

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Business has never been the same before. It is using social media platforms to expand its brand awareness by posting creative and user-friendly posts. The main goal, is to attract customers and engage them. According to a source, business will spend 150% more on social media by 2020. And social media advertising will overtake newspapers by 2020 and will be worth $ 50.2 Billion. And guess what? There will be a huge increase in the users up to 3 Billion by 2021. So why is social media marketing important for any companies? Let’s explore this a little in detail.

Social Media Videos Attract More Customers

There are thousands of videos on social media. And most of them are live on Facebook and Instagram. How does it help people? You know how kids learned their ABC from watching TV shows? This attracted them and they were engaged in the content and remembered it easily. Same way, when we go to a showroom and explore a new range of laptops, we mostly ask for the ones shown on the TV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads. Why?

Well, because these have an engaging content with interactive designs, and creative work in them. These videos easily attract people. And going live on social media attracts more people to explore the business, products, and its services. It is one of the best ways to sell your products and services on social media. That is why, when a new product is released such as the iPhone X, it went live, and it attracted millions of people worldwide. Talk about branding!

Social Media and Chatbots

Chatbots are the chatting robots in social media. Since their launch, they have made a powerful impression on the people. Many companies started hiring professional developers who could create this artificial intelligent chatbots.

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Companies usually design their chatbots to discuss more about their business, company, product, and services. It can say the address of the company, if asked. Basically, they have been acting as the customer care representative. The main reason to have chatbots is that they are active 24/7. They are available online,  day and night, unlike humans. These, also, gather information on the product and services and help the customers with their query. If a customer is looking for an XXL T-shirt, the chatbots can inform him/her, if it is available or not. They will also, inform about the color, quality ranges, and etc.

Social Media using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a live view of physical elements with the help of computer-generated images. For example, Google Sky Map. This is a mobile app. While using this app, all you need to do is, open your rear camera, and point it towards the sky (at night only). It will analyze the stars and match the constellations and will give you the pictures of the bigger diaper, Ursa major, and etc. This is the augmented reality. So, how will it help the social media?

Social Media using Augmented Reality

Have you seen the new iPhone X feature; animoji? It is also, an AR. It is one of the popular AR that the world is going crazy for. And recently, Facebook launched their AR project called Spaces. It will help Facebook users to connect in a virtual reality. People can take advantage of this by using VR software and headsets. This will again increase the customers and their attention.

Another best example is the AR in Lenskart. You can open your camera, and use the AR feature, to see which eyeglasses will suit you. You only need to take a selfie, and then chose different glasses. You can then buy whichever suits you.

Some of the furniture selling companies have taken huge advantage of it. It will take the image of the room, and hence you can add all the furniture in it, and see which one you like. You can even select which paint will suits your wall with this AR.

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So, yes Social Media Marketing is, also, important in Digital Marketing. It is highly in demand due to its advancement year over year. The company’s main goal is to satisfy their customers with the best user experience. Lenskart increased their customers by 10% with the help of Augmented Reality. People can easily choose the product, and hence, move forward in buying it. They can do all this just sitting at home. Again, customer satisfaction is an important asset for any companies. If a company wants to expand its business, they also need to focus on designing their social media professionally.

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