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11. What does inbound and outbound marketing mean?

Inbound marketing is the marketing done with the help of various social media platforms, webinars, events, demos, and etc. This will increase the number of clicks on the links that is the PPC. It is an important part of the Digital Marketing, as the customers can get into the company and its business, products, and services in detail.

Outbound marketing is the marketing where it reaches out to the potential buyers through the digital platforms, calls, emails, and any form of advertisements.

12. Name the two SEO practices. Which one is legal?

There are two SEO practices, White hat SEO, and Blackhat SEO. White hat SEO is legal, and search engine friendly.

13. What is meant my keyword streaming?

Keyword streaming defined analyzing relevant keywords and choosing the best keywords from the website to increase the website traffic organically.

14. What is a bad link?

A bad link is the type of link not related to the website. They will increase the page rank, and hence, the website will get low traffic. Bad links can, also, be from the link exchange, the same anchor from multiple websites. Also, these links can be from the sites not indexed by the Google. Bad links can, also, be from spam blogs and articles, and also, from the paid links.

15. Where do you use the keywords?

We use keywords on the website/web page title, meta description, URL, headings (H1, H2, H3), and contents.

16. How can you promote your business with Digital Marketing?

You can use Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

17. How can you increase website traffic?

You can increase the website traffic by providing the best user experience to customers. You can also, build good backlinks, and check for bad links regularly. You should post daily on the social media with engaging contents, and etc.

18. Expand PPC. What does it mean?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It means, for every click on the ad, the company has to pay the fixed amount it chose.

19. How can you avoid Google Penalty?

You can avoid a Google penalty by going for good links only. If there are any bad links, you need to get rid of them. You should avoid using mobile redirects. Always opt for White hat SEO. Do not sell your link, and lastly, do not have a plagiarized content on your website.

20. What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a paid online advertising model. It uses a bidding system to help ads appear on the top of the page results.