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Learn at your leisure! With our Video Based Learning helps candidates learn at their leisure from the videos recorded during the live training session of recognized trainers.

Advantages of Video Based Learning:

The Knowledge repository is the video library of a course that the student gets access to when he/she opts for the video based learning. The videos provided are the ones recorded directly during the live sessions of the course and the students who choose Video Based Learning are given the access to the video library for upto a year. Here are the advantages of Video Based learning.

For learning at their own pace:

Learning pace of each student is different. Some might need repeated brush-through to understand a point while some might need just one read. The knowledge repository offered helps the students learn at their own pace by repeating it or referring to the course videos again and again; because knowledge is the ultimate goal!

Compared to any other training, Video Based learning is highly cost effective.

Almost-classroom experience:

While the exact classroom experience would be definitely missing, Video based learning offers an almost-classroom experience owing to the fact that it was shot during live sessions.
For knowledge retention: Finished a course at Big Classes 3 years back and want to brush through the subject now? Video Based learning is the best option to prefer. Also, non-linear learning is also a feasible option with video based learning.

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