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Learn OBIEE Online Training

What is OBIEE Online Training

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle BIEE) is a comprehensive set of enterprise business intelligence tools and infrastructure, including a scalable and efficient query and analysis server, an ad-hoc query and analysis tool, interactive dashboards, proactive intelligence and alerts, real-time predictive intelligence, and an enterprise reporting engine.Oracle Business Intelligence online training is designed for every learner to bring greater business visibility and insight to a wide variety of users.

OBIEE training provides a full range of business intelligence capabilities that allow you to:

  • Collect up-to-date data from your organization
  • Present the data in easy-to-understand formats (such as tables and graphs)
  • Deliver data in a timely fashion to the employees in your organization
  • These capabilities enable your organization to make better decisions, take informed actions, and implement more-efficient business processes.

OBIEE online training provides a solid foundation on OBIEE 12CR step-by-step procedures for building and verifying the three layers of an Oracle BI repository.Participants will learn to design the Repository, Creating Answers/Analysis Requests, and Interactive Dashboard, Delivers, OBIEE 12CR/Fusion Middle ware Security and OBIEE-BI Publisher integration.

Oracle Business Intelligence course is designed for those professionals who are looking for Great career as Consultant in BI Technology.The OBIEE training includes all real time industry use cases spanning across multiple domains.

A brief overview of obiee online training

Get a brief overview of obiee online training from BigClasses. Watch obiee Training Tutorial and further analyse obiee and its value in the IT industries. Understand our training style, tools provided in the training, important subjects covered, and more. Click here to watch the tutorial!

OBIEE Course Curriculum

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Introduction and Definition
  • Sources, Transformations and Targets( Architecture )
  • Data Extraction, Data Transformations and Data Loading( Data Acquisition Process)
  • Data Warehousing Approaches
  • Staging Area, Metadata, Repository and Data Mart
  • Differences between OLTP and OLAP( DSS ) Systems
  • Operational Data Store( ODS )
  • Business Intelligence
  • Star Schema Design & Confirmed Dimension, Fact less Fact Table, Types of Facts
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions( SCD )

  • Installation of Database
  • Installation of OBIEE Meta Data using Repository Creation Utility.
  • Installation and Configuration of OBIEE.
  • Testing of Sample Reports and RPD.
  • Configuration of BI Sample schemas.

  • What is BI ?
  • What are the other BI tools ?
  • What is OBIEE ?
  • History of OBIEE ?
  • What you are going to learn in OBIEE ?
  • Introduction on OBIEE Repository Design & Development
  • Introduction on OBIEE Answers and Dashboards

  • Clients
  • OBI Presentation Services
  • OBI Server
  • OBI Repository (.rpd)

  • OBI Administration Tool
  • OBI Answers
  • Intelligence dashboards

    • Sample Request Processing
    • Using the OracleBI Administration Tool
    • Repository Directory
    • Repository Files ( Initialization files and log files)
    • Creating a repository
    • Connection Pool
    • Repository Modes ( ONLINE and OFFLINE )
    • Physical Layer
    • Business Model & Mapping Layer
    • Presentation Layer
    • Presentation Catalogs, Folders and Columns
  • Building The Physical Layer Of A Repository
    • Defining an ODBC System DSN
    • Setting up connection pool properties
    • Importing data sources ( Physical Schema )
    • Verifying the import
    • Defining physical keys and joins
    • Creating alias and select tables
  • Building The Business Model And Mapping Layer Of A Repository
    • Creating the logical business model
    • Creating the logical tables, columns, and sources
    • Defining logical joins
    • Adding Calculation to a Fact Table
    • Building measures
  • Building The Presentation Layer Of A Repository
    • Creating a new Presentation Catalog
    • Modifying Presentation layer objects
    • Rename tables
    • Reorder Table
  • Creating Dynamic Repository Variables
  • Adding Calculations To A Fact Table
    • Creating new calculation measures based on existing logical columns
    • Creating new calculation measures based on physical columns
    • Creating new calculation measures using the Calculation Wizard
    • Creating dimension hierarchies
    • Creating level-based measures
    • Using Initialization Blocks Repository Variables
  • Security in OBIEE 11g
    • Oracle Platform Security Service
    • Exploring Oracle BI default security settings
    • Creating users and groups

  • Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
    • Introduction to Oracle BI Answers
    • Working with requests in Oracle BI Answers
    • Using advanced formatting
    • Creating report Level Hierarchy
  • Filtering Requests in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
    • Introduction to filters in Answers
    • Adding filter prompts to requests
    • Using saved requests as filters
  • Building Views and Charts in Requests
    • Introduction to Answers views and charts
    • Creating and editing charts
    • Performing common view tasks
    • Creating a Narrative View
    • Creating a column Selector
    • Creating View Selector
  • Showing Results with Pivot Tables
    • Introduction to pivot tables
    • Formatting pivot tables
    • Setting aggregation rules and building formulas
  • OBIEE 11g Advanced Concepts
  • OBIEE Environment in different software companies
    • Explain the Real time OBIEE Environment in the software Companies
    • Explain the different support groups which are part of OBIEE project
    • The way OBIEE project is developed
    • Roles and Responsibilities of the Developer,Lead, Testers,etc
    • OBIEE Requirement Analysis
    • OBIEE Design and Development
    • OBIEE testing dev and uAT
    • OBIEE Migration
    • OBIEE Infant Care

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