words with silent words and expressions, how to improve your communication skills

Words with a silent ‘T’

In English, a silent letter is a letter in a specific word does not resemble to any sound in the words pronunciation. Look at the word – ‘Listen’. When you are saying the word, observe that the‘t’ is silent.

Similarly we have many more words where‘t’ is silent. For these words we have different spelling patterns. If we have these patterns – “_sten”, “_ften”, “_stle”, usually, we do not pronounce ‘T’.

_sten,  _ften,  _stle     =  Silent ‘T’


  1. ‘_sten’   – listen, fasten, moisten
  2. ‘_ften’   – soften
  3. ‘_stle’    – castle

More examples:

  • Hasten
  • Glisten
  • Apostle
  • Nestle
  • Whistle
  • Mortgage
  • Christmas
  • Rustle
  • Bustle

Expressions in English, which use the noun/verb ‘work’.

1. Work out

Meaning: exercise / find a solution

Example: Harry works out at gym every day.

2. Dirty work

Meaning: Unpleasant work

Example: She did the dirty work on that project

3. Get worked up

Meaning: become angry or annoyed/ excited/ emotional

Example: Do not get so worked up about something that you cannot do anything about.

4. Work on

Meaning: do work on something

Example: a) I worked on a project.  b) Don’t worry. I am working on it.

5. Workaholic

Meaning: work too much

Example: He is a workaholic

6. Work it

Meaning: Do something confident (it is a phrase of encouragement)

Example: Work it, girl!

7. Overworked

Meaning: too much work

Example: He overworked but underpaid.

8. Work like a horse

Meaning: work a lot/ work very hard

Example: Jenny works like a horse.

How to Improve Your English Communication Skills


6 tips to improve your English communication skills:

  1. Listen & observe
  2. The more speak the better you will be
  3. Create English atmosphere around you
  4. Make an eye contact while speaking
  5. Check your posture and body language
  6. Get rid of fear and have confidence