Who Should Study Salesforce?

Who Should Study Salesforce

Running a business of any size is not easy as iSalesforcet calls for an investment of money and more importantly time for the business to grow and flourish. Time is one of the essentials here apart from marketing strategies that both boost sales and increase revenues both of which are equally important. Organizations are now in a desperate search for that perfect tool that will help them run their businesses more successfully by efficiently running generating their leads and turning their prospects to customers.

What is Salesforce and What is it used for?

Over time, the Salesforce CRM applications have become #1 CRM solutions with more than 100,000 companies of various sizes using them. One of the major reasons behind their popularity is its ease of use- you can easily integrate with any of its back-office systems as well as build a newer customer base.

Salesforce is useful in the following areas of businesses:

  • Marketing-keeps track of various marketing strategies and their outcomes.
  • Customer Support-keeps track of customer issues and improves customer satisfaction levels.
  • Management- gives the Management a clear picture of what is happening with its dashboards apart from in-depth reporting features.
  • Application Integration- affiliate with the other systems by using the AppExchange system to amplify its functionality.

Salesforce can pride itself of the following features:

  • It is one of the oldest cloud-based software solutions in the industry.
  • Has significant experience in dealing with issues faced by customers?
  • Has matured, modernized and strengthened its products over the years.
  • Salesforce CRM can exponentially increase sales and improve customer retention.
  • The tool is increasingly accessible and flexible from anywhere and also from any device.
  • It is immensely cost-effective.

Who can become a Salesforce consultant?

The role of a Salesforce Consultant is a mixed one and they are expected to play the following roles:

  • Solutions and Technical Architect
  • Developer
  • Administrator
  • Basically anyone with considerable experience in CRM.

What are employers looking for in a Salesforce consultant?

In general ‘Consultant’ is a position that is attained with much experience in the designated field.


These are some of the prerequisites expected by Indeed.com from the employers:

  • Good experience in Salesforce development environment like Force, S-Controls, Ajax Toolkit, Apex, API, etc.
  • Good knowledge of both integration and configuration.
  • At least 3 years of experience in Salesforce.
  • Any Salesforce certification
  • Sound knowledge of Salesforce Application, enterprise architecture, and cloud.
  • Experience in leading solutions discussions with the technical architect.
  • Defining the solutions that leverage the Salesforce platform capabilities.
  • Experience in defining the Salesforce Release management plans and its best practices.
  • Ability to work with the technical teams to transform requirements into technical specifications.
  • Understand functional requirements and develop technical designs and assess the impact of designs.
  • Exceptional listening skills.
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Perform independent reviews and codes that are developed by project members.
  • Provide technical and functional expertise to the team.
  • Develop project-level application or business approaches and plans for testing, training, communicating, rolling out and offering post-production support.
  • Experience in CRM. Experience in implementing full project lifecycles in Salesforce.

According to an article in Customer Relationship Management in Cio.com, the employers need to focus on the following merits when looking for a Salesforce Consultant:

  • How many projects have they done and how varied are they?
  • How many projects have they delivered
  • Do they possess the relevant experience in the employer’s chosen domain?
  • Do the said candidates have the pertinent and relevant good references?

Steps to become a good Consultant:

  • Go through the various job postings in various job portals as this will give you a very good idea as to the skills needed.
  • Customize your profile to suit the desired and in-demand skills required of a Salesforce consultant.
  • Connect with people on online communities that are relevant to the job profile.
  • This will give you much-needed inputs from people who already possess hands-on experience.
  • Get the right certificates.

Certificates to become a Salesforce Consultant and whether they are worth your time:

Expertise in Salesforce is in huge demand. The Salesforce certifications are industry-recognized and are a proof of both your skills and expertise in Salesforce.there are three different routes when it comes to Salesforce Certification and each contains different levels of qualifications, some of them are:


  • Certification Salesforce developer.
  • Certified Salesforce Advanced Developer
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator
  • Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator
  • Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
  • Technical Architects

Are Salesforce Certifications worth your time?

Yes, they are. Here is how:

  • Competitive edge-employers give more importance to certified candidates to non-certified candidates.
  • Personal achievement– you can declare to the world that you have reached a level of proficiency in Salesforce.
  • Rake in the moolah– without doubt, certified professionals earn more than the non certified ones.
  • Go up the professional hierarchy– certifications give you an incredible advantage in your career as they open up a plethora of opportunities in your career advancements.
  • Become an expert in Salesforce– significant knowledge is acquired when preparing for the Salesforce exam.


Salesforce is now generating millions of career opportunities and seems to be a fantastic career option in the immediate future. Armed with the right skills and certification, the sky is the virtual limit to all of your career goals.

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