What is SERP?

What is SERP?

SERP gets displayed when a user searches for information. In the event of providing a fantastic user experience, the search engines tailor-make the SERPs in lieu of the searched query so that the user gets the maximum benefits out of their search. Any search engine would take into account, the location, browser history, cache memory and bookmarks much prior to displaying the SERP.
It goes without saying that it is not possible to regulate the presence of SERP because search engines like Google, Bing, keep doing so along with periodical experiments so that the users have a beautiful and appropriate experience at all times as a result of which every time the search engines redo their algorithms, the end-user only benefits in the form of getting to experience something new in the SREP format.
Characteristics of SERP


Some of the common SERP features include:
• Rich Snippets- these perform as short visual messages that give faster results at a single glance like a movie review or any product specifications.
• Paid results are paid advertisements that are done by auctioning on platforms like Google Adwords or Google shopping.
• Universal results- this projects itself with organic searches like images, featured snippets and the like.
• Knowledge graph- this projects itself with a small bracket that also along with a little information about the query.

Certain other common features of SERP would incorporate ad words, image packs, site links, video, tweets, news box reviews, in-depth articles, knowledge cards, local packs, the local teaser pack and many more.
The Functionality of SERP
SERP relies on the number of web pages that come along with a few keywords and phrases attached to them.
SERP relies on a number of web pages that come up with keywords attached to them. SERP comes with the capacity to project pages from zero to millions.
Web designers and online marketers ensure that while doing SEO, their website is projected .displayed

at least in the top two pages of SERP
SERP contains multiple ads, snippets, knowledge graphs not to mention the websites all of which have one thing similar, keywords. All of the SERPs show themselves on the basis of the keywords chosen.
Meaning of Organic Search in SERP
This could be construed as the results that appear on SERP due to the search engine algorithm. Business people possessing a specialization in Search Engine Optimization implementing their best search and skills ensure that while doing an organic search their website gets projected in the SERP.
The organic search is diametrically opposite to the paid search and they appear when websites enhance their websites with apt keyword, content and several other tags.
Knowledge Graph in SERP
This Knowledge Graph was ushered in by Google in 2012 whose primary prerogative was to answer the most generally answered questions in their abridged format via a central location. This is also comprehensively reliant on the type of Internet as well.
Categories of Internet searches on SERP
Transactional search
These ads basically connote the paid ads as well as the other sponsored media. Here, the search engines make profits by showcasing the ads of any of the website owners.
Informational Search
This wholly depends upon the SEO work done to upgrade the website ratings. The essential thing to remember is to concentrate on quality information. Informational searches are those where the users desire to gain some information from any of the websites that get displayed on the SERP. This information are generally done through organic searches. Users who seek information on informational search seek quality content that is readily available to resolve their questions and not a singled out website to browse. This search is predominantly used for creating brand awareness apart from hiking up the domain authority.

Navigational Search
These searches are used to get any particular address of any particular website, physical location and the like. To make your brand navigational to your users there is every need that you really put in extra efforts to work on your SEO. It will auger well for you to try and work upon your own branded keywords that would generate more clicks and impressions. It goes without saying that we properly make use of the keywords while simultaneously galvanizing the web pages.
What is a Featured Snippet in SERP?
This also happens to be one of the search results of SERP that gives priceless information I very short and accurate time.
Types of Featured Snippets:
• Rich answers
This would essentially mean that users use featured snippets to gather answers to common questions. Their keywords could include ‘why’.\, ‘how’ and ‘what’ as these are the most generic keywords applied by the user to find pertinent content.
• Question and answer
The questions are also categorized as snippets. It would do you well to keep your question-answer very short and crisp.
• Semantic markup
It is a privilege given by Google to the snippet when you incorporate semantic markup as including a semantic markup would always make it easy for a search engine to read the semantic entities that are available in your snippet’s content.
• Paid search
These are usually paid ads that get projected on the SERP in accordance with the auctioned amount.
It is not all about whether you as a user are doing a paid search or you have invested in your hard work on an incredibly optimized website. What DOES matter is your conscientious efforts that would show the dividends that make your website appear on the topmost pages of the SERP. As it is not a one-off exercise it demands protracted efforts and patience from your end at all times.

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