What is SAP Business Objects Data Services?

ODSBODS overview:

BODS is a software tool designed by Business Object (a company that got acquired by SAP in 2007) Some of the basic purpose of this tool is to perform jobs like –ETL (Extraction Transformation and Loading) – Pulling out data from any system/database/tables, applying changes to modify the data or applying programming logic to enhance the extracted data, and loading data into any other system/database or tables. E.g.: ETL of data from SQL server database to Oracle.

Data Ware Housing – A database specifically designed and developed in a particular format to enable easy data analysis or reporting, this could be developed using data from various databases or any other data sources.

Data Migration – Moving of data from one place to another. This is a subset of ETL where data is relocated from one software system or database to another.This also involves modification and alteration of data.
sap bods objects-bigclasses
Business Intelligence – A concept which combines the data warehousing system and reporting, this is applied to analyze data of an organization to effectively perform functions like Business performance improvement.