What is DATA STAGE ?

What is Data Stage?

  • It is an ETL tool.
  • Used for extraction, transformation and loading.
  • ideal tool for data integration projects system migrations
  • Importing, extracting and creating metadata are within these jobs
  • Data stage allows scheduling, monitoring and running the jobs
  • Allows administering the development and execution in a single environment.


I encourage you to see this DataStage video tutorial that clarifies what is DataStage and all that we have talked about in the blog. Proceed, appreciate the video and reveal to me what you think.

What is difference between Data stage and Informatica?

  • Links are treated as objects in Data stage, but in Informatica they are treated as Port Connectivity.
  • The implementation of Slowly Changing Dimensions is easy in Informatica which are complex in Data Stage.
  • Complete error handling is not supported by Informatica, but it is supported in Data stage.

diff of datastage and informatica-bigclasses

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