What is Black Hat SEO?

What is Black Hat SEO?

Are you Abrogating SEO Rules?

Every work that goes on around us has a system and every system is governed by certain rules. It goes without saying that even Search Engines are governed by a certain set of rules and regulations. It is only in the recent past that there are a few people who are using a newly developed technique called Black Hat SEO to flout all the rules devised by the search engine.

Let us try and understand what this Black Hat SEO is and what are its techniques:

What is Black Hat SEO?

These are a set of immoral exercises that are performed to upgrade the website’s rankings on any of the search engines by nullifying the benchmarks set by the search engine.

If anyone is looking out for any kind of information on any of the search engine it would mean that they are seeking genuine information and positively not for any spam website. By using the ‘Black Hat’ SEO the said parties could divert online traffic for only some time and not on a prolonged basis. If Google or any other search engine spots any Black Hat SEO applications on any website, they then get the virgin ground to go against it by banning the site.

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Is Black Hat SEO Ethical?

The Black Hat SEOs are a set of rules and regulations that are written by various search engines. A black Hat SEO is done to improve the website’s rating on any search engine by adopting nefarious means and if caught doing so, the website or the domain name could be banned forever which means that these methods are illegal to use. Black Hat methods are illegal and are those that cannot truly maintain or expedite the website ratings in search engine result pages (SREP). An official list of black hat SEO strategies is apparently condemned by search engines like Google webmaster apart from Bing webmaster also. These nefarious techniques may improve the web site’s rankings and ratings for a while only and not really assist in adding values to the website’s content because of which it is highly recommended to not use such practices.

How can you report Black Hat SEO?

Illegal things may seem attractive to abide by but in the long run, they invariably turn out to be very painful. You should take a firm stance against Black Hat for these reasons:

  • When your website is discovered with some unwarranted hacks and viruses.
  • The keywords that are applied to reach your website earlier are now showing some other spam websites and advertisements.

Most used Black Hat SEO Techniques

In as much as there are legal and ethical techniques to improve website rankings, there are unethical technical methods as well. The White Hat techniques are positively hard to apply but have a positive outcome for the websites in the future, unlike the Black Hat techniques which are diametrically opposite in their results.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword repetition is one of the oft-repeated techniques that are applied in Black Hat SEO where the same word gets used multiple times only to increase the website’s SEO which only ends up in corrupting the website not to mention leaving a very bad taste for the user.


This means providing the content to the user and varied contents to the search engines for a similar search.

Meaningless URL’s as Backlinks

Apparently using meaningless URLs as backlinks has become more of a norm rather than an exception. Some of the URL’s are used just so that the user gets detracted to some other useless websites. These techniques are mostly applied to websites with very high domain authority.

Spam Comment

Commenting on a blog that has a few links to acquire a follow backlink is another Black Hat technique that is repeatedly applied to enhance domain authority.

Duplicate Content

Copying content is one of the most common of Black Hat techniques. This essentially means that copying the content from a given source and pasting it as your own content is increasingly unethical. If Google shows similar content for multiple keywords it undoubtedly would mean that the content has been copied from another source.

Article Spinning

This is a technique that creates what seems to be new content from all of that which already present. This is one of the techniques of Black Hat SEO. This needs special software that helps rephrases the content to look and feel authentic.

Doorway Pages

It is a given that it is a Black Hat technique to detract the user from the landing page to other websites whose pages are specially designed by the hackers to create spam.

Hidden Texts or Links

The hidden text is a computer text that is so displayed that it makes it both invisible and unreadable. This is done by arranging the font color to the same color as the background, thereby making the text unreadable until the user apparently highlights the text.


It is now understood that the Black Hat techniques are unethical and do not in any manner contribute to improving a website’s ratings and so should not be adopted. If any search engine from Google unearths any fraudulent practice it can punish the said website by decreasing the website’s rankings or by even withdrawing or canceling the website’s domain authority. The easier manner would be to publish authentic content and never ever go in for paid links.

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