Voice and Accent Training

Finding difficulties in pronouncing English words even if you have good vocabulary and grammar knowledge? Are you struggling while communicating with English speakers? Do not worry. This is a common problem of many people, because English is not their mother tongue.

What do you mean by good accent?                                   

Good accent means an accent which is easy on all ears across the world and it is understood by all international community.

Why voice and accent training?

Voice and accent training is most popular training especially for BPO industry. It is created for diversified globalized culture and need of business outsourcing. Voice and accent training tells the basic concepts of the English alphabets and its corresponding letters. It gives their respective sounds and enhances overall communication skills.

Voice and accent training at BigClasses

Voice and accent training plays a vital role in improving your communication. BigClasses provides voice and accent online training in a very low price. BigClasses has highly qualified and experienced trainers to train their students.

Course Content – Voice and Accent Training

  • Overview of vowel and consonant sounds
  • Relations of sounds with words
  • Intonations
  • Word stress & syllable stress
  • Mother Tongue Influence
  • Regional Influence
  • Rate of Speech
  • Speech fluency, pausing, foghorns and fillers
  • Pronunciation errors