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The full form of VB.NET is Visual Basic .NET It is object oriented programming language. It is the evolution of classic VB, which is implemented in .NET framework. There are two main editions of IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) for developing in Visual Basic. First one is Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and the second one is Visual Basic Express Edition 2012. VB.NET creates very powerful and sophisticated applications.

Visual Studio IDE
An integrated development environment is also known as integrated design environment and integrated debugging environment. It is a type of computer software that assists computer programmers to develop software. In the case of Visual Basic .NET, the IDE name is Visual Studio.

Contents of IDE
The IDE consists of several tools. These are used by the developer while writing the program. Generally there are 5 sections.


The Toolbox is a palette of developer objects. That are placed on forms or web pages, and then code is added to allow the user to interact with them.

2.Solution Explorer

It is used to view and modify the contents of the project.

3.Properties Windows

It shows all the control properties to be change at design time.

4.Code or Design View

The developer has a form on the screen that can be resized and modified to look the way it will be displayed to the application users. Controls are added to the form from the Toolbox, the color and caption can be changed along with many other items.

5.Object Browser

It is possible to explore all the available objects of the libraries by pressing F2 or selecting it into View Menu.

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