Understanding White Hat SEO


The term White Hat SEO implies the compliance to adhere to the rules and regulations that are given by search engines like Google so as to make websites notch up their rankings on the web page without terminating any of the terms and conditions that go in line with the search engine’s guidelines. The White Hat techniques are rank opposite to the Black Hat techniques that use nefarious methods to scale the website’s rankings.

The need of the White Hat SEO Techniques

They are essential because if the search engine does come to know that the rules and regulations that are earmarked are flouted against by anyone, then the said search engine has the right to punish by banning the website and lowering its rankings. As every user could turn out to be a potential client who could generate business to the website and when the said search engines ban the website, then a negative influence in generated that might directly have an impact on the business.

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Exclusive White Hat SEO Techniques:

  • Flawless Content

The primary reason to get a relatively high rank from   the search engine is because of its quality verified content which encourages more traffic to your website for the simple reason that the user finds the content suited to their requirements which in turn generates a positive response that could I turn help in the said website’s ratings much higher by garnering more traffic per se.


  • Links and Meta Description

By following pertinent meta descriptions and contributing links with titles that are apt to the content would surely climb up your SEO.

  • Alt Tags

By supporting Alt tags to your images is another good White Hat technique that would foster the search engine comprehend what your images want to convey and proper images are a good game plan that attracts and also becomes a good source of routing traffic apart from notching up the rankings.

  • Being Mobile

It would always auger well for you to create a mobile-friendly website as the user today browse more on their mobile phones and so it becomes imperative that your website should have an increasingly mobile-friendly version that is built into it.

  • A Happier User Experience

The experience of a happier user is far more important as otherwise, nothing could turn out to be more rejecting than an unhappy user visiting the website and leaving immediately without even browsing. It would go well with you to keep a user hooked on to your site by placing appropriate content, links, and images so that the user stays longer. This is one of the primary ways to retain the user on to your site and thereby, reducing the bounce-back rates.

  • Keyword Search

Boost and expand your keyword search by expanding you’re your keywords as much as you possibly can. Using pertinent keywords that are in tandem with the content will help in hiking up your SEO ratings. This could be made possible by thinking from the user’s perspective and then providing doe the keyword support for your web page.

  • Applying Images and Graphics

A picture speaks more than a million words. So, it is best to use images and graphics as much as possible to retain better user attention.

  • Using of HTTPs

Your domain server should always be HTTPS and not HTTP as HTTPS servers come with high levels of firewall protection when compared with the HTTP.

  • Continually Update Your Content

Search engines are similar to new content and these new contents have the chance to crawl faster and assist in increasing your ratings. A system of constantly assessing and revamping of the content would go a long way in notching up your ratings.

  • What are the Best White Hat Tools?

In today’s increasingly rapid pace of work, it has become imperative to pick internet tools competently so that you get to stay ahead of your peers and competitors. Given below are some of the SEO tools that could upgrade your SEO by applying ethical standards:

  • Keywords Research Tools

Google also has tools for keyword research called the Keyword Planner or the Google keyword tool. With the help of this too, you would be able to effortlessly search for the most sought after keywords in accordance with your content, this tool also applied to paid add campaigns.

  • Website Rank Checker Tools

Each listed website is ranked by Google and there are several websites that provide a ranking to them that is given by Google. Being aware of your website ranking is very important and Google is aware of this and allots a ranking to every website listed by it.

Tools for Link Building

This is a very prominent aspect of the White Hat SEO as this generates trust amongst the users and also performs as one of the most authentic methods to indicate the website’s genuineness. There are a few more techniques to build on this:

Requesting people to respond to your write-ups to generate a do-follow backlink as this increases the website’s reliability.

Dictionary Submission- as you gather a WhatsApp group of a broad spectrum of people from varied backgrounds, you could apply the same logic by using web dictionaries to foster its availability for the users.

Writing Testimonials is yet another easy method to generate traffic on your website. This is done by giving feedbacks to articles, news, blogs and not to mention many debate forums and in the process gaining a precious backlink from these forums as well.

You should perhaps never forget to social bookmark your website as by doing so; you would only be authenticating your website and its content.


By applying the White Hat technique a user can easily notch up the rankings by applying these ethical ways of doing so.

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