Types of InfoProviders in SAP BW 7.3

InfoProviders are Objects in SAP BW, accessed by any other query tools or BW queries. There are various InfoProviders such as

Basic InfoProviders

These basic InfoProviders are the primary blocks of BW. Objects have database tables in BW to store the data determinedly.

  • InfoObjects: Smallest BI unit to hold data. Mainly categorizes the Master Data and Key Figures
  • Data Store Objects: Stores the data on document levels
  • InfoCubes: Stores the multidimensional data on summarized levels


It combines the data from various InfoProviders including the 3 basic InfoProviders, with Aggregation levels and Infosets to form in a single provider for query purpose. It has a very simplified design to the user and attains the better performance without any physical data.

Semantic Partitioned Objects

Available only in the BW 7.3 version. It partitions an object, as InfoCubes into several Objects depending on the business criteria such as Time, Region and Business Unit and more. The partitioning is executed by BW itself to query users with transparency.

Hybrid Provider

It combines the InfoCube and DSO into one provider that allows the user in History Data and in Real Time Queries through InfoProvider.

Transient Provider

Gives direct access from the Reporting Tool to data in the transactional system like ECC. There won’t be any physical database tables in BO.

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