Top Features of Tableau Software

The Tableau is the world’s topmost data visualization software. The Tableau was created specifically understanding the data to a whole new level. It has been found that by the end of 2020, the world will produce data 50X than the actual create calculated in late 2010.Each datum collected is important and it has all the important information that other software may not show. Tableau shows all the small details and creates a bigger picture. It is definitely important for any users who want to use the data to their advantage.

You can solve any problems within the data. You can analyze the data without wasting much time. It is quick and fast and gives accurate results. And the best part about Tableau, it doesn’t need any knowledge of coding. All you need to do is, drag and drop.
The Tableau is famous for its features. There are various features that Tableau has developed over the years. These have helped the users in many ways. They created dashboards, reports and present it to their companies. There are many uses of these features. Top features of Tableau have been listed below.


It is a feature of the Tableau ETL tool. It allows you to conduct, shape the data. You can also transform them into easily understandable information. The Maestro is useful for 5 functions– data profiling and transforming data, enhancing data, and publishing results.

Data profiling will allow you to inspect the data in detail. You can, therefore, see the unique values in each column. All you have to do is click the column and analyze the data. You can quickly see any issues, and resolve them within minutes.

You can transform the data; incoming data. For this, let’s take an example, if you a column that shows all the dates like 2014, 15, 16, 2017, 2018. You can highlight the two digits and inform the Maestro that it needs to be 2000 +. This rule will be created and thus the two digits will be added to the 4 digits (2000), and thus you will get 2015 and 2016 in the column. Maestro can create new files provided with calculations and values.

You can enhance the data from the tables. Let’s say, you have the source data as Zip code. You can pull the Postal data from the US Post office, and this enhances the data by linking it to the Zip code. You can link it to City, State/Province, Country, and etc. And lastly, you can use the published results of Tableau software.


The Cross database join functionality is available in Tableau 10 version. You can create calculated fields that can join the tables. This will help in solving the major problem users go through. It will help the users to join the exact matching data.

Let’s say, one data set has state names in uppercase, while other data set has the state names in lowercase, you can, therefore, create a calculated field for transforming lowercase to uppercase. And after this, you can join the data.


The database function allows the storage of billions of records. It can process the data at incredible speeds. You can have clean data in your dashboards. You can visualize the data easily with this feature. It has the capacity to load almost 22 million rows of data in just one minute!

And at the same time, you can run the visualization against the data that is currently being loaded. You can filter, add new fields. You can process and inject the data. You no need to create 3 databases, when you can transaction database, data warehouse, and reporting database.


You can now filter the data with this feature. You can set a filter and get the latest date in the data. There is no use of complicated hacks. The tab present in the filter known as presents (has a radio button) will show the latest dates. Any data added, it will show the dates and the latest dates.


Text Editor is a Tableau function that allows you to add images. You can hyperlink words. You can create bullet points/list. You can even create columnar and horizontal rules. This tool is very expressive and it works for titles, captions, and tests. Text Editor has emoticons.

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