Top Companies Using Python language

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Do you know how many total programming languages are out there in the world? There are over 500 programming languages! The Majority of these languages overlap with each other and they aren’t even used in everyday coding.

Now talking about Python, it is used by the majority of the web developers out there. It is a great language to learn. It is a language preferred by many Data Scientists out there. It is great in dealing with data. It is used to make these amazing video games such as Battlefield 2, World of Tanks, Eve Online and many more. It is also preferred by Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is the small computers that are used to learn to program on the basis of practical projects. These are low-cost devices.

Python is currently being used in many industries such as gaming, web development, social media, search engines, and more. Let us now look at each industry separately that is heavily Using Python.

Search Engine


Google was actually the first search engine to make a major decision of using Python in its database. Python was used to design Google more professionally. It hence advanced its features and functionalities. Google used C++ for maintaining its memory control, and with the help of Python is was easy to maintain this. Python can work with other programming languages, and hence using another language with Python is easy to go with. Even when Google used Perl or Bash, they were re-coded in Python. Because Python is 100% suitable for Python. Its coding is very beneficial to Google’s working mode. Google re-wrote its web-crawler from Java to Python. So, Google is currently using C++, Java and other languages with Python.

Social Media


Facebook is one of the social media platforms to use Python. Engineers are Facebook has been quite thrilled working with Python. It has thus become the third most popular languages to be used in social media. Python manages Python’s infrastructure, hardware imaging, and also automates operations.

Python has many libraries that the Engineers definitely enjoy. They do not have to write any codes to make their work easier. All they need to do is use the libraries. It allows them to use already written codes in their work, hence giving them more time to focus on other things. It makes their task easier.

Python has helped Facebook maintain its infrastructure. It manages TORconfig for network switch setup and imaging. It is responsible for switching CLIs by managing FBOSS. It uses Dapper and schedules and executes maintenance work. Python has open source projects such as Facebook Ads API and Python Async IRC bot framework created by Facebook.


Instagram become the first and the largest user of Django Python. It has been using its framework to develop its infrastructure. The engineers at IG use Python due to its simplicity and practicality in real life implementation. According to a source, IG will have more than 104.5 Million users by 2019. Python has successfully created a powerful infrastructure for IG. IG has a strong framework web services, and it will upgrade itself in the coming future.

Digital Music Service


Spotify is a music streaming service that most of the music lovers know. It uses Python for data analysis and back-end services. Python helps in maintaining a large number of services to communicate with 0MG. The 0MG was written in Python and C++ and is an open source networking library. With the help of Python, the Spotify improved its development pipeline. It has created a stable and powerful architecture.

Spotify is highly dependent on the large volume of analytics, and this will be taken care of by Python. Spotify uses Luigi (Python Module) that can sync with Hadoop. It handles the libraries and its work. It even eradicated the errors easily.
Python is currently being used by many companies other than the companies mentioned above. It is used by Quora, Netflix, DropBox and etc. Python has made their company’s framework stronger than before.
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