Teradata Transaction Modes

Teradata supports both Teradata Session and ANSI mode to connect database, some of the differences varies in between are

  • In Teradata session comparisons are not specific while in ANSI mode is specific
  • ANSI mode does not allow the truncation of display day, whereas Teradata session allows
  • Teradata mode create table default to SET table and ANSI mode create MULTISET tables
  • Each and every transaction automatically implicit in both
  • No need to specify BT/ET explicitly in ANSI Mode

The mode of session can be checked currently by help session query in the result column Transaction Semantics that represents the session mode or we can alternately execute through command before .logon as below

For ANSI Mode: .set session transation ANSI;

For Teradata Mode: .set session transation BTET;

For SQL assistant, set ODBC connection while connecting using ODBC driver as below

Teradata Transaction Modes

Teradata Transaction Mode

Default, to connect using Teradata .net provider

Teradata Transaction