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Teradata is enterprise software introduced by Teradata Corporation, America. Basically, it sells relational database management system (RDBMS) for data warehouse and analytic applications. It stores data and manages data.

What is Teradata Database?

Teradata database is RDMS which helps in driving the company’s Data Warehouse. It helps the company to grow. It supports business growth from gigabytes to whooping hundreds of Terabytes. It is an open system. It works on UNIX, LINUX and Windows. It can connect with other clients through TCP/IP and channel connection.

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Why are we using Teradata?

We are using Teradata due to some reasons. These are:

  • It has the ability to keep up the rapid changes.
  • It supports and maintains enterprise data warehousing
  • It supports active data warehousing.
  • It supports CRM (Customer Relationship Management) also.
  • It supports Data Mart.

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Unique features of Teradata:
Teradata has some unique features, for which it becomes popular:

  • Single data store. It never replicates data for a different request from the different clients.
  • It has Scalability. That means, it increases performance. But for that outcomes never delay.
  • It allows unconditional parallelism
  • It is parallel aware optimizer
  • It has the ability to model the business, which is very crucial part of any organization.

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