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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This has made it the second language that is learned the most in the world. The English language which has been spoken for over 1,400 years has over this period developed and currently has over 1 billion speakers. It is the official language of 67 countries and many international organizations including the European Union and the United Nations. Learning to communicate in English is very important as it would be easier to communicate easily in most parts of the world if you have a good knowledge of the English language. If you are wondering how to improve your English knowledge, here are 11 effective ways you can follow to improve your spoken English communication skills.

Study phrases instead of single words

The study of single words makes it more difficult to communicate in English. This is due to the fact that you would have to do a lot of thinking while considering the best ways to link the single words together. If you however concentrate more on learning phrases, you would already have different phrases which could serve as response in different scenarios. It would also be easier to join phrases to form complete sentences compared to trying to join single words to form a complete sentence.

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Learning English is much easier when you listen than when you read. Reverse is however the case for most people as they spend more time reading and too little time listening. Take for instance when you learned to speak your native language, you didn’t start by reading. You started by listening to what someone else said and then repeating after the individual. Spoken English is more of listening to someone else and replying. Reading does not afford you that opportunity. Furthermore, listening would aid in enhancing how you pronounce English words as pronunciation is also a very important part of spoken English. You should thus learn to listen more as it is an important factor if you really want to know how to improve your English language.

Speak to Yourself

Spoken English has to do with 2 major factors, knowing what to say and how to say it. By always reading out English texts, you can get to get used to what to say. Your lips and your mouth would also get more training on how to pronounce words in English easily. Reading English loudly to yourself can also aid in improving how you bring out words from your ideas. You can get books that have a lot of discussions between 2 or more people in it such as comic books. You should then read this books loudly to yourself.

Think in English

Another good way of improving your spoken English is to think in English. When you think in English, it allows you to flow more naturally compared with when you think in your native language. This is because thinking in your native language would require you to first of all translate what you want to say from your native language to the English language before you say it. This will thus slow you down while speaking. Furthermore, you could get confused along the way and use your native language arrangement of words which would in most cases, not correspond with the English arrangement.

Use an online conversation partner

To really improve your spoken English, you will need to converse regularly. It might sometimes be difficult getting someone around you to regularly practice English with. One of the easiest ways out of this is to go to websites for conversation exchange, where there are individuals who speak English well, but are interested in learning your native language. You can hook up with one of these individuals and book sessions together. If you book a 1 hour session together for instance, you can use 30 minutes to converse in English, while you use the remaining 30 minutes to converse in your native language. At the end of the day, you would have both helped each other in improving their communication skills in both languages.

Communication Skills

Communication is the main purpose

Try not to get intimidated in the learning process as it could take you backwards. The major reason we speak the English language or any other language for that matter is to communicate. So once you can speak for the other person to understand, you are already making progress. Do not get intimidated when you make grammar errors, as long as you are able to pass across the message and the person understands you. With time and your practicing other methods discussed, you would get past this phase to the expert phase.

Speak Slowly

Speaking slowly is also important while communicating in English. Speaking slowly allows you to be able to have more time to get the right words, phrases and their arrangements before saying it out. It also makes it easier for the person you are talking to, to hear what you are saying as it leads to a clearer speech. With time, your speed will naturally improve and you would be able to communicate normally.

Use synonyms

Forgetting a word while speaking might be difficult to remember, especially if you are under pressure. You could thus try to use the synonyms or explanation of that word. You could decide to say the object used for making calls if you should forget the word for phone while talking. Remember, the most important thing is to pass your message across.

Be confident

One of the major factors that would not only slow you down but also make you to always say the wrong things even when you know the right thing is lack of confidence. Don’t always give yourself the impression that you can’t speak English or always tell others your English is bad. Believe that you can speak English and you are getting better as it would have a positive effect on your spoken English.

Study real every day phrases

You should concentrate first on learning English that are needed for every day communication such as phrases for common verbs like come, go, eat, sit, stand and play amongst others. This would make it easier for you to start communicating as opposed to learning complicated English phrases that you might not need to speak more than once in a year or 2. You should first learn the ones you need the most frequently until you get to the ones that you would need very occasionally.

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Overall, English is a very easy language to learn and with determination, focus and constant practice, you would start speaking good English in no time.

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