Software Developer positioned as No.1 of all vocations

Software Developers are directly or indirectly everywhere in every human beings life, they influence starting of the day to the end of the day on various stages of living through Mobile Phones, Computer, Utilities and most of all. All the applications, products, devices designed by Software developers that designs your applications in your computer and had a strong hand in forming everything we technologically used everyday possible. Playing games while in relax to checking your bank account through an app based on phone, tablet and personal computers were the amazing creations done by Software Developers.

There are some more responsibilities of a Software Developer other than just designing and developing new creations includes testing the applications and debugging them with an error free status. Upgrading to fit the future challenges is one more chores according to the customer’s specifications or by updating the existing software working in various industries like Electronics, Health, Manufacturing, Finance and many more.

Collaborating is another essential part of the job, as Software being frequently works and consult the Management , Clients, Designers and Developers to solve the serious and critical technical issues of the software system. Software Developers are the only problem solvers by possessing very strong Analytical skills and has ability to think out of the box.

Reportedly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states the employment growth for Software Developers between 2012 and 2022 would be 22.8% which is very much faster and more than the other occupations. There are 1,39,000 jobs estimated to be filled, this take the professionals No.1 ranking and also the best jobs of 2014.

According to industry leaders, Cloud may grab the market by 46.9% by 2020 leaving all the software based applications and systems in an apprehensive manner. Big leaders like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and others already started their business enterprises towards Cloud and assimilating their existing systems at a snail’s pace will be on full in coming years very soon.

Software Developer

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