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Social Media Marketing is the online marketing using various social media platforms. These are Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc. Each platform has a unique feature that has resulted in an increase in brand awareness. Social Media targets the customers in specific ways. They target the people, according to the age, sex, interest, occupation, marital status/relationship status, parenthood status, etc. Social Media Marketing can increase the sale of products and services due to its attractive and engaging posts with organic and inorganic marketing. You can track the data based on the Search Engines, mobile devices, age, sex, time, etc. You can even get the data regarding the country and states.

But if you want to know more about the tools for SMM, read the article given below. These are the demanded and most used tools by companies all around the world.


It is a software application used by many customers around the world. You can use this software to schedule the posts on different platforms. Therefore, you can manage different accounts at the same time. You can also schedule the content anytime and from anywhere. You can even track the performance of your content. It has more than 4, 000, 000 customers.


It is a tool for managing all Social Media at one place. It is a paid tool that can be used for free only for 30 days. It has more than 800 customers around the world. You can schedule, manage, and report social media content. You can use this tool and save you time by scheduling your posts on any social media. You can also keep your presence 24/7 on any social media by scheduling hundreds of posts automatically. You can stay on the message with pre-approved content, store them in your favorite cloud file. Tag, search, use the stats.

Facebook Power Editor

The Facebook Power Editor is a Facebook Advertising tool which was created and designed for larger advertisements. Larger Advertisers who create these advertisements can create, edit, and most importantly, publish the ads at once. It will have a precise control of their campaigns. You can do many things with Facebook Power Editor that is managing multiple ads, import ads, and search and apply filters to it. Therefore, you can run many Ads campaigns. It is used to create the perfect target audience. It is an excellent tool to create a professional image for your campaign.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the complete and a perfect tool to track the data of your website. You can know the important details of the website. You can know the number of people visiting the website per page, the bounce rate per page, the total time taken by a user to a webpage, etc. You can also know their location state, country, and etc. You can even know their age range with their occupation and more. All you need to add your website to the Google console and you can get the complete information. It is absolutely free by Google and gives you accurate statistical information. But if you want detailed information, you can use the premium.


It is also a social media tool that measures, tracks performance through link analytics. You can understand and observe the insights and learn the reasons for your less audience and improve this. You can analyze the campaigns and therefore, understand your marketing strategies and efforts. You can use this information and further increase your customer experience. You can also optimize the links for all the devices out there. These links will help you understand and recognize what devices are used by the customers. You can direct them to the right content in your brand’s app, mobile web and etc. You will be able to provide the best customer experience every time.

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