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How does SEO Works?

Search engines perform many activities so as to deliver search results

• Crawling – is that the method of winning all the net pages joined to an online website. This task is performed by a package, referred to as a crawler or a spider (or Google larva, as is the case with Google).

• Indexing – is that the method of making index for all the fetched websites and keeping them into an enormous info from wherever it will later be retrieved. primarily, the method of categorisation is distinctive the words and expressions that best describe the page and distribution the page to explicit keywords.

• Processing – once a pursuit request comes, the program processes it . i.e. it compares the search string within the search request with the indexed pages within the info

Calculating relevancy – Since it’s seemingly that over one pages contains the search string, that the program starts calculative the connectedness of every of the pages in its index to the search string.

Retrieving Results – The last step in search engines’ activities is retrieving the most effective matched results. Basically, it’s nothing over merely displaying them within the browser.

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