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When It Comes To Word Count And Good Rankings, Size Matters

“Now when it comes to Web content, the size of your document matters. But not in the way you might think. It’s not a case of “I have more words than you do, therefore I rank higher.” If it were, then it would be super easy to game the engines, as it was in the past. What’s more the length of document isn’t synonymous with quality of the document.

When it comes to document size, using more words means more ranking opportunities. My recommendation is to have a minimum word count of at least 500 words per page for documents you want to rank well in the search engines. I feel that gives you a good foundation for being able to integrate 5 to 10 keywords, while still keeping the content natural.

You see, the more content you write, the more chance you have of using variations of your target keywords. If you only write one or two paragraphs, you’re limiting yourself on the range of keywords and keyword variations you can rank for. Point is, it makes no sense to only target a single keyword or search term per page. It’s highly inefficient. It’s better to publish a document that can rank on a range of related search terms.

People search in different ways using different combinations of words and questions and it’s impossible to predict or account for them all, so by having your content optimized for a range of related keywords you’re covering almost every base. This gives you have a much better chance of penetrating more search verticals and driving more traffic to your website. Read more about content and keyword optimization.” –Trainer, Bigclasses

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