Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

An Introduction to SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization refers to improving and optimizing the website’s structure to attract the maximum number of traffic.

How to perform an SEO

To get a good ranking from a search engine your aim is primarily to make your visitors happy and satisfied. The purpose of every search engine optimizer should be to get the website to the top on SREP.

What is SEO?SEO

This is a mechanism of spreading values to your website in the expression of contents, links, and images, keywords which are unpaid in order to attract traffic and to rank your website at the topmost page of any search engine. This un-paid optimization provides for great user experience.

Pre-requisites for an SEO

  • To do SEO, you must have a website and also have access to the control panel.
  • The websites should come with pertinent content that also incorporates images, top class information, n easily comprehensible font apart from a clean background
  • Your website has to be user-friendly meaning easy to read through apart from also being incredibly accessible.

The SEO Lexicon

  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • SERP- Search Engine Results Page. This is the page that incorporates pertinent information about the searched keywords
  • Spider-this is a program that creeps to every single data that is present on the internet to give it a ranking.
  • Meta tag- these tags are those that are provided on the top of the website which talks about the abridged version of the content.
  • CTR- Clicks through a page which is nothing but the percentage of clicks on that specific link.


  • SEO Strictures

To do SEO, you should be abreast of the modalities that are to be followed essentially as there is every possibility of these factors singularly affecting your website’s rankings.

  • You must always opt for a user-friendly theme

To design your website, the totality of the website should be easily comprehensible. If your user finds your website confusing, they would immediately bounce away from your website irrespective of how good your content is thereby increasing the bounce rates to your website.

  • Your website must be agreeable with all of the mobile platforms

These days the SEOmajority of the users browse through mobile phones and if they feel that your website is not mobile easily seen on the mobile screen, there is every possibility that you could lose a potential customer.

  • The Loading Speed of the Website

If any website takes a long time getting loaded then it means that you might have to check the content quality or the picture resolutions. Taking a longer time in loading would mean the user losing their patience and could get to switch to another website.

How does SEO Work?

Search Engines come with the crawler called ‘spider’. This spider is all omnipresent on the internet and has the duty of searching for every data that is present on the Internet. The crawler collects all the relevant information available and pieces them together to analyze whether all of the dates belongs to the same class or not as well as remembering all of the algorithms that need to be followed while doing so.


Importance of SEO

  • The SEO helps in upgrading your website’s overall outlook.

Search Engine Optimization has the potential to create flawless user participation on the basis of web page navigation.

  • Gaining rank in any search engine galvanizes your reach and the user could very effortlessly trust your content
  • Doing good optimization makes the chances of your website being made open to hackers and bugs.
  • Integrity plays a vital role when you do the optimizations for search engines.

The White Hat and the Black Hat SEO

The White Hat methodology indicates how efficiently the website has followed the rules that are stated by the search engines.

The Black Hat techniques talk about whether the website has done the optimization by adhering to all of the rules and if this abrogation is made a note of by the search engine the said website could be banned at any point of time.

Some of the best search engine optimization techniques are:

  • Enhancing your user rapport with your website
  • To decrease the bounce rate of your website only to make sure that you are able to captivate your user’s attention for a prolonged period of time.
  • Applying Bullet Points

Using bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs would keep the user hooked on to your website for a longer time.

Accommodating Images

There is an old adage that says that images speak louder than words. So try and insert as many images as possible at appropriate places to upscale your content.

  • Writing Quality Content

Your content should be one that answers every question of the customer and must be written in a manner that it does not make the customer hop on to the next website for the same information and in the process of doing so, provide the customer with a good user experience in return for which your bounce rate gets far reduced.

  • Conducting Surveys

It would always auger well for you to initiate a rapport with your audience on social media platforms. An attempt at conducting surveys to understand their likings and then work and optimize these surveys to give the user a quality assured user-friendly experience.

  • Applying SEO Tools

Use analytical tools like the Google Search Console, Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to check on where precisely you are behind and work on those areas.


In this segment we learned that search engine optimization come with a crucial role to play in garnering organic traffic towards any website. Attracting organic traffic is free and needs no monetary investment. It is only that website pliability on a search engine needs to be performed with quality pertinent content. The more the relevance of the content on your website, the greater and faster the organic traffic towards it would it.

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