SAP IS modules

These are the list of SAP IS modules specific to the Industries.

  • SAP IS Aerospace & Defense for Air and military industries.
  • SAP IS Automotive for Automobile manufacturing industries.
  • SAP IS Banking for Financial Industries, Banking, and Market Risk Management.
  • SAP IS Chemicals for Chemical industries.
  • SAP IS Consumer Products for Consumer product industries.
  • SAP IS Defense & Security for defense and security industries.
  • SAP IS Engineering, Construction, and Operations for Construction and engineering companies.
  • SAP IS Healthcare for hospitals and healthcare institutions.
  • SAP IS Higher Education & Research for Campus management.
  • SAP IS High Tech for high tech industries.
  • SAP IS Industrial Machinery and Components for heavy machinery manufacturing companies.
  • SAP IS Insurance for Insurance companies and Currency Markets.
  • SAP IS Life Sciences for life sciences industry.
  • SAP IS Media for Communication and Publishing industries.
  • SAP IS Mill Products for mill product industries.
  • SAP IS mining for mining industries.
  • SAP IS Oil & Gas for Oil and Gas Industries.
  • SAP IS Professional Services for professional services industry.
  • SAP IS Pharma for Pharmaceutical industries.
  • SAP IS Public Sector for Public Sector and Administration.
  • SAP IS Retail for Supermarkets and Retail industry.
  • SAP IS Telecommunications for Telecommunication operators.
  • SAP IS Transportation & Logistics for transportation and logistics industry.
  • SAP IS Utilities for Utility industries.
  • SAP IS Wholesale Distribution for wholesale distribution industry.

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