SAP HANA Memory Management

SAP HANA provides one in-memory information foundation for managing transactional as well as analytical processing. Therefore a complex question is an exhibit to the period of time operational knowledge, rather than asking pre-fabricated queries on pre-aggregated or summarized data.
SAP HANA conjointly integrates text process with managing structured knowledge, in an exceedingly single system. And it scales merely with the addition of a lot of processors or a lot of blades. therefore varied types of applications, across a company’s lines of companies, and across application varieties, can all be getaway one, elastically-scalable hardware infrastructure: a grand dissolving of the layers of quality in enterprise landscapes.
SAP HANA hardware is constructed by varied leading hardware vendors from trade customary trade goods parts and may be delivered as appliances, non-public or public clouds. whereas this design is immensely turbulent to a conventional relational database design, to our customers it brings basic innovation while not disruption.
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