SAP HANA – In-Memory Computing

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SAP HANA  In-memory computing is a technology that allows the processing of massive extents of data in main memory to provide immediate results from analysis and transaction. The data to be processed is idyllically real-time data (that is, data that is available for processing or analysis immediately after it is formed).

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To achieve the preferred performance, SAP Hana in-memory computing follows these basic concepts:

  1. Retain data in main memory to speed up data access.
  • Method 1: Using main memory as the data store.
  • Method 2: Data Persistence.

2. Decrease data movement by leveraging the columnar storage concept, compression, and performing calculations at the database level.

  • Method 1: Compression.
  • Method 2: Columnar Storage.
  • Method 3: Pushing application logic to the database.

3.Uses Divide and conquer method.

  • Method 1: Parallelization on multi-core systems
  • Method 2: Data partitioning and scale-out


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