SAP HANA high performance analytic appliance

SAP HANA– SAP High-performance Analytic Appliance is an In-Memory Database from SAP to store data and analyze large volumes of non-aggregated transactional data in real time. Basically, SAP HANA is a database. It addresses many problems which are being faced in the traditional databases through its In-Memory concept.

SAP HANA tutorial by IT expert :

SAP partners you can check quickly large amounts of data from disparate sources. Analysis results can be obtained faster than ever before.

  • SAP use a flexible platform that can easily adapt to changes in order to introduce new technologies and applications in real time
  • It analysis large amounts of data with industry-leading business intelligence and in-memory computing and gain an advantage.
  • You give your employees the go access to business information and systems – On any device
  • You make your company more efficient and IT processes using integrated on-site solutions and cloud-based platforms.
  • You will benefit from ongoing innovations from the SAP  partner network.

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