SAP HANA Software Components

SAP HANA contains the following components and administration tools:

  • SAP In-Memory Computing Engine (IMCE) Server 1.0.
  • SAP IMCE Clients 1.0 – The IMCE clients are the interfaces by which the IMCE can communicate with other components. The following subcomponents are included:
    • IMCE ODBO 1.0
    • IMCE ODBC 1.0
    • IMCE JDBC 1.0
    • IMCE SQLDBC 1.0
  • SAP IMCE Studio1.0 (includes SAP HANA Modeler).
  • Sybase Replication Server 15 + Sybase Enterprise Connect Data Access (ECDA).
  • Sybase Replication Agent.
  • SAP HANA Load Controller 1.0 (includes R3Load, Rep Server De-cluster Add-On).
  • SAP Host Agent 7.20.

SAP HANA Online Training | SAP HANA Tutorial for Beginners

SAP In-Memory Computing Engine (IMCE) the IMCE is the in-memory, column-oriented database technology and powerful calculation engine at the heart of SAP HANA. In-memory processing pushes data into RAM, providing highly accelerated performance compared to systems reading data off of disks. The IMCE administration tools are provided by the SAP in-memory computing studio.

SAP In-Memory Computing Studio: This is an Eclipse-based interface that provides SAP in-memory computing engine administrators with easy-to-use, data management tools (Administration Console) and business-centric data modeling tools (Information Modeler).

Administration Console: The SAP in-memory computing studio administrator console allows technical users to manage the SAP in-memory computing engine (and other devices) as well as create and manage user authorizations.

Information Modeler: The SAP in-memory computing studio information modeler allows technical users to create new or modify existing models of data. Sybase Replication Server the Sybase Replication server supports real-time replication across a wide range of database platforms, moving transactions (insert, updates and deletes) at the table level from a source data server to one or more destination data servers.

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