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SAP HANA typically desires less administration than alternative databases. Typical duties for the admin embody regular backups (database, bare-metal software system, and configuration backup), patches and updates (such as SPS Stack of the appliance – typically on demand just in case of issues or renowned issues), and observation (automated or manual).

HANA behaves to an SAP admin in the same manner as each alternative information (i.e. it are often managed/monitored mistreatment similar tools as each alternative SAP/DB Scenario). to boot, we provide lots of options within the HANA specific admin tool referred to as the SAP HANA Studio.

SAP acknowledges that totally {different|completely different} directors have different tooling preferences. As such, there are multiple tooling decisions offered. The SAP HANA Studio is that the main user interface tool for administering SAP HANA. For those that choose to work with command lines, or attempt for automation through OS scripts scheduled via cron, there also are command admin tools offered.

SAP HANA is totally integrated with the SAP resolution Manager. this permits consistent integration of SAP HANA primarily based} systems into standardized IT service management and application lifecycle management processes that are common in existing non-SAP HANA based systems. as an example, the technical observation of the information is embedded into the observation of the end-to-end situation of the answer landscape and of the entire stack, so sanctionative operation management from a technical perspective moreover as from an end-user purpose of reading.

sap hana administration

For support and troubleshooting, there’s conjointly integration with the SAP DBA Cockpit in order that support workers will access data simply from an ABAP System. This integration permits access to best-practice process from guided procedures and information documents and ensures that there’s a segregation of duty between administering changes and troubleshooting.

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