SAP BODS Online Training @ Hyderabad

What is SAP BODS?

SAP BODS stands for SAP Business Objects Data Services. SAP BODS delivers a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text data processing that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to critical business processes. It provides one development UI, metadata repository, data connectivity layer, run-time environment, and management console – enabling IT organizations to lower TCO and accelerate time to value.

SAP BODS is very user-friendly and any IT company can maximize their operational efficiency.

Check out this SAP BODS online tutorial video for deep understanding of SAP BODS.

Unique features of SAP BODS:

  • SAP BODS ensures accurate information.
  • Extend your data view with text analysis to analyze unstructured text data sources.
  • SAP BODS reduces cost.
  • Increases productivity

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