SAP ABAP Workbench | Advantages of ABAP Workbench

The SAP ABAP Workbench is pool of tools used to develop, test and run ABAP programs. All tools are integrated.

ABAP Workbench tools are:

1.ABAP Editor
It is used to type codes. It is used for editing, writing reports.

2.ABAP Dictionary
It is used for processing database table.

3.Screen painter
It is used for developing user interface. It is used to design screens and flow logic.

4.Menu Painter
It is used for designing menu bar, standard toolbar, application toolbar etc.

5.Function Builder
It is used to create and test function module.

6.Class Builder
It is used for building class objects and interfaces.

Advantages of ABAP Workbench :

  • Rapid Application Development
  • Productive
  • Integration between client/server architectures
  • Easy to learn
  • It has standardized access to database
  • Flexible