SAP ABAP Online Training for the Beginners

At BigClasses we offer SAP ABAP online training for the learners. In SAP ABAP online training course, we will transform the necessary skills needed to understand SAP ABAP programming and start forming your own ABAP programs.

Our SAP ABAP training course gives you a thorough insight into how the SAP programming language works, but is delivered in such a way that our learners will have completely no problem in understanding all the topics covering here.

SAP ABAP R/3 Architecture

The SAP R/3 System is a three-tier client-server architecture, where entire data is kept in a database. Here the data is processed in the application layer. The frontend is the interface made for the user, which is known as presentation layer. All these three layers are connected to each other via networks.

The smaller application keeps the database and also the R/3 application on the same host. The huge volume of data that passes between the R/3 application and the database is processed locally – not processed through a network.

The presentation layer is generally made of PCs where the frontend is installed. In the GUI the application programs are displayed.

abap architecture