SAP ABAP Online Demo

The leading provider of solutions to assess and protect ERP systems from cyber-attacks, today announces extended support to the Information Security community

by showcasing a new version of Onapsis X1 and hosting a SAP Security Training at Big Classes. With the growing concern in the market regarding increasing

cyber-threats to SAP Platforms, Onapsis continues to empower Security professionals with cutting-edge education and SAP-certified products to mitigate these threats, helping them protect their organizations from espionage, sabotage, and financial fraud attacks.
Check out this SAP ABAP online tutorial video for a deep understanding of SAP ABAP.
For the sixth consecutive year at Big Classes, Onapsis will be leading a two-day SAP Security In-Depth Course during the conference entitled: “Cyber-threats On SAP Platforms: Assess, Exploit and Defend.” During this course, Information Security professionals will gain the knowledge to understand the critical risks

affecting their SAP Platforms. With this knowledge, they will be able to interpret the risks back to their organizations and begin to take the required actions for

securing their organizations’ business-critical information and processes. The training is based on the use of free, open-source tools only and SAP expertise is not required; users can take the knowledge they acquire in the training and apply it the moment they arrive back at their organizations.