Remote Function Call (RFC) within an SAP System

A remote function call is a call to a function module running in a system different from the caller’s. The remote function can also be called from within the same system (as a remote call), but usually caller and collie will be in different systems. In the SAP System, the ability to call remote functions is provided by the Remote Function Call interface system (RFC). RFC allows for remote calls between two SAP Systems (R/3 or R/2), or between an SAP System and a non-SAP System.

RFC consists of the following interfaces:

  • A calling interface for ABAP programs

Any ABAP program can call a remote function using the CALL FUNCTION…DESTINATION statement. The DESTINATION parameter tells the SAP System that the called function runs in a system other than the caller’s. RFC communication with the remote system happens as part of the CALL FUNCTION statement. RFC functions running in an SAP System must be actual function modules, and must be registered in the SAP System as “remote”. When both caller and called program are ABAP programs, the RFC interface provides both partners to the communication. The caller may be any ABAP program, while the called program must be a function module registered as remote.

    • The topic Calling Remote Function Modules in ABAP provides details on calling function modules registered as remote.
    • The topic Writing Remote Function Modules in ABAP provides information on writing function modules that you want to call remotely.
  • Calling interfaces for non-SAP programs