Relevance Of Quality Assurance and Testing in Digital Transformation

Quality Assurance and Testing


Change, metamorphosis and transformation have indeed become the order of today’s incredibly technologically advanced global world. Now, with the entire world moving on and relying on technology more than on paper; and with paper getting redundant in usage or should we say wireless in usage because of the continuously evolving technological developments, businesses are now forced to accept a digital transformation of sorts to stay afloat in a hugely competitive, volatile and dynamic market place.

When any organization DOES invest in its time, effort, as well as resources in a digital transformation, there would only be one plain and simple question about whether the investments DO justify the returns per se. the answer would always be in the affirmative; that ONLY if and when the Quality Assurance as well as the Testing departments function together as one team and assist in this transformation process.

The onus rests on the QA training and testing teams to retain as well as preserve the entire cycle of the customer experience in the process of delivering high quality applications. This could be achieved by consolidating all the silos across the entire spectrum of the business processes, combing development, QA software testing and training teams, along with the marketing teams in upgrading the process validation, organizing for mobile testing labs, and also by enforcing a risk based analysis that would in turn rely itself on comprehensive analytics.


The future of any organization post its digital transformation solely and hugely rests on its customers. During the process of this or any form of change, companies would primarily focus on elevating their infrastructure to the next levels and in this process of streamlining, do away with the archaic procedures and introduce more efficient  and effective ones instead.

Now, it is here in this critical juncture, that the QA training and testing that come with sophisticated testing tools play a very crucial and an indispensible function as any faux pas could surely get reflected in the delivery of highly developed and top quality products.  In order that the organizations continually upgrade and maintain the quality as well as the reliability of their products which their customers would desire of them, the QA software training as well as the testing teams would require to:

  • Combine the integration tests into the entire app’s lifecycle, which would in turn help clean the product inside out.
  • Execute a universally quality assured automation, through the entire value chain, which would facilitate the streamlining of the test execution.
  • Handle multiple apps, services as well as platforms that would in turn guarantee a much easier development of intricate and state of the art products.

Apart from this, practical testing with the usage of avant grade testing tools needs to be enhanced that would span across both the digital as well as the non digital channels. The test environments have to replicate the user behavior that would in turn ensure that business experiences are both thoroughly planned as well as reliable. It would auger well for the QA testing and training teams to periodically engaging themselves in testing automation on multiple devices and operating systems to continually modify and perfect the entire process of the customer engagement cycle; meaning that the QA teams should be able to cover the complete end to end process with stringent adherence to quality assurance parameters, right from the creation, development, marketing, distribution right up to the final delivering of the product.


Quality Assured software training and testing are crucial as well as critical as they fulfill the digital transformation journey of any organization.  The need of the hour is for organizations that are in the process of digitalization to demarcate an articulate digital assurance strategy by spotting the proper tools, methodologies and means to be rest assured of continual customer satisfaction and in this process make the respective QA organizations ready to face the future.

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